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Last updated: February 27, 2015

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NEW 10 reasons why the DHS shutdown is the best thing that will never happen

NEW MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted human babies

NEW Apple set to buy a third of world’s gold for luxury Apple Watch

25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers”

ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul

Government-Big Business Collusion to Eradicate Freedom of Choice

HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped
clients dodge taxes and hide millions

The 'Real Unemployment Rate' Vs. The Spin

Montana House committee pushes back against "Agenda 21"

How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone

Ukraine Agrees To Monsanto Land Grab For $17 Billion IMF Loan

They tried to arrest me for planting carrots

Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Better With A World Government

Russia ratifies $100bn BRICS New Development Bank

USDA betrays American people, approves Monsanto's new GMOs

Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression

Neil Miller: Why people choose not to Vaccinate

Associated Press caught in yet another bizarre denial of mercury in vaccines

Why Are Govt Subsidies Forcing GMO Baby Formula on Low Income Mothers?

Greece and the Endgame of the Neocolonial Model of Exploitation

Bush family ties to terror suspects re-opened by 9/11 '28 pages'

TERROR EXPERTS: ISIS Video Depicting Egyptian Execution Footage ‘Faked’

Deaths from Prescription Painkillers Triple in 20 Years – What’s Going On?

What you need to know about the FCC's new net neutrality proposal

Police Are Writing $150 Tickets For People Who Warm Up Their Unattended Cars

Thousands protest, jailed Irish anti-water tax campaigners go on hunger strike

Obamacare Mega-Oops: Nearly One Million Incorrect Tax Forms Sent Out

It’s Official, McDonald’s and Monsanto Are Both ‘Losing Money Fast’

35 things the media reported as FACTS that
were later found to be total lies

Computer may soon decide if some receive healthcare

The Newest Country to Defy the Banksters

Bank bonuses to run into BILLIONS as population
continues to feel after-effects of bailout crisis

Guess Which "Liberal" State Has 500 Laws
Aimed at Oppressing the Homeless?

There is no debate: Vaccine data is largely based on
research fraud and intimidation of scientists

Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now

Massive 9/11 smoking gun uncovered

U.S., Turkey Sign Deal to Openly Arm ISIS-Linked Syrian Rebels

83% of Vaccines Are Made in China

Sorry Monsanto: Organic Food Demand is Absolutely Exploding

NY Attorney General to Wipe Herbal Supplements from Shelves

Thousands more cracks found in Belgian nuclear reactors

Biotech company prepares to release GM mosquitoes in Florida neighborhood

Demonizing Scientists and Critics of GMO Agriculture:
The Cheap Propaganda of the Pro-GMO Lobby

John Pilger Interview: White Australians Would
Like Aboriginal People to Disappear

EXPOSED: Governments Pay News Networks To FAKE Stories All The Time

BACKFIRE: How the vaccine industry lost the propaganda war

Homeland Security Stockpiling Billions of Dollars of Experimental Vaccines

Man Jailed for Feeding Cats

Arizona Governor’s Budget Plan Would Fund The School to Prison Pipeline

Deal Will Make Wall Street Richer and Bust the Rest of America

Government Caught on Video Lying About Vaccines

Ukraine "Truce" Fails: Withdrawal Deadline
Passes, Debaltseve Situation Deteriorating

List of Companies that Support Monsanto

Utility Commissioner’s Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy

Smart Meters: What Consumers Can Do To Get Them Removed

The CDC: mind control on a vast scale

Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline To Avoid
Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st

Failed Discipline, Failed Reforms And Grexit: Why The Euro Failed

Global economy continues to wither as West Coast ports remain shut down

McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

Chart Of The Day – America’s Prison Population Over The Past 100 Years

Canadians Sue the Bank of Canada

Congress Stalls as Evidence of Fracking Harm Mounts

Al Qaeda’s Bookkeeper Spills the Beans

Australia discontinues water, electricity services for Aboriginals

Plan to Release GMO Mosquitoes 'A Science Experiment Run Amok'

'Rotten Core of Banking' Exposed: Global Outrage Follows HSBC Revelations

‘Bankrupt but Free’: Greeks stage nationwide anti-austerity rallies

Russia / Ukraine - The Minsk ceasefire deal, point by point

U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

Why Obama Wants to Regulate the Internet

Why the US and China are Investing in Africa

Entire national media calling on doctors to violate
fundamental medical ethics in push for vaccines

Court to homeowner: Get on the grid or else

Fukushima Dai-ichi - Mission impossible

Canada to allow doctor-assisted suicide

After fluoride, how LITHIUM could be put in tap water to beat depression

Polish Farmers Blockade Motorways Across Country

Virginia House Votes 96-4 to Take Second
Step Against NDAA Indefinite Detention

Zero U.S. measles deaths in 10 years, but over
100 measles vaccine deaths reported

Elected and Above the Law: Bill ''Would Exempt Lawmakers
from Prosecution of Nearly Any Crimes''

A Day Of Reckoning For The Euro Has Arrived
26 TRILLION In Currency Derivatives At Risk

Four and Counting: States Consider Bill to Turn Off Resources to the NSA

Sheriff Stands Up to IRS, Cancels Land Sale

Greece Exposes The Global Economy's Achilles Heel

The richest 1% give everyone else 'quite a good deal',
Tory MP says during poverty debate

The Golden Age Of Black Ops: US Special Forces
Have Already Deployed To 105 Nations This Year

No more vaccination waivers - California lawmakers

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras unveils cabinet of mavericks and visionaries

Spain: Podemos holds Madrid mass 'March for Change'

Why are Russia and Ukraine Fighting?

Moscow and Ankara to trade in national currencies

Global warming meltdown in the UK

Breaking: New Climate Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

Monsanto for President - Satire

Croatia Writes Off Debts Of 60,000 Poorest Citizens

War Is the New Normal: 7 Deadly Reasons Why America’s Wars Persist

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crop System Puts
Monarch Butterflies at Brink of Extinction

Monsanto’s Shares Surge as its Drive to Force
GM Crops into India Gathers Pace

Market Uncertainty: Gold, Oil and the US Dollar

Why the Crash in Oil Prices Should Bury 'Peak Oil' Once and for All

Yet Another State Threatens to Penalize Solar Power Users

Massive Herbal-Supplement Scam Uncovered: Walmart,
Target, GNC Accused of Selling Bogus Products

The truth behind the secret Transatlantic
Trade & Investment Partnership trade deal

8 invented diseases Big Pharma is banking on

Minnesota’s New GMO Labeling Bill Could Change Everything For Monsanto

Investigation: Many Herbal Supplements Found to Contain ZERO Herbs

New Genetically Modified Tree Approved by USDA with No Assessments

News In Two Minutes - Dangerous GMO - War Jets - Israeli Avian Flu - Rare Earth

Strange, strange ISIS and US financial connections

New Jersey Teens Just Learned What Happens When You Start A Business In

Dirty Wars and Reporters Under Attack

9/11 Conspirator Admits Saudi Royal Family Funded Al-Qaeda Attacks

Big soy: small Paraguayan farmers fighting back against global agribusiness

Using the North Korea Sony hack story to push cyber regulation

Medical mafia calling for gunpoint quarantines
of citizens who refuse vaccinations

1000s of Hungarians protest PM’s policies, call for ouster

Welcome to the Scientific Dictatorship: Hysterical
Americans Call to Jail "Anti-Vaxxers"

Not Joking: Six firms including Google and Facebook
made £14 BILLION last year but paid just 0.3% UK tax

State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

Police Label Hippy Group Whose Message Is
“Peace & Love” ‘Domestic Extremists’

Common Core Follies: California report cards to
include grades for 'grit', 'gratitude', 'sensitivity to others'

Former Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Mafia Takeover

Native Leaders Are Being Killed in the Amazon
Because They Want the Right to Live

USA Today columnist calls for arrest and imprisonment of vaccine skeptics

Measles Police State: ''Parents who do not vaccinate
their children should go to jail''

Open letter to the German readers: That which
you were never told about Greece

Rethinking One of Psychology's Most Infamous Experiments

It’s Official: If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill

Huge power failure in Pakistan causes blackout
leaving 80% of country without electricity

The New Greek Government Arrives In Its Residence:
Finds No Power, No Wifi Password And No Toilet Soap

Why The U.S. Shale Boom May Come To Abrupt End

100+ Businesses Urge Obama to Suspend Bee-Killing Pesticides

Costa Rica Rules GMO Approval Process ‘Unconstitutional’

Hungary Commits to GMO-Free Farming

GMO Imports Causing Unapproved “Mystery GMO Plants”
to Invade Ecosystems

Defense contractor pleads guilty in massive bribery case

Beijing smog makes city unliveable, says mayor

Barrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After
Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

Global consequences from Fukushima

"Greece Is Bear Stearns. Italy Is Lehman" - 7 Quick Points On Europe

No Conspiracy Theory -- A Small Group of Companies
Have Enormous Power Over the World



Agricultural Giants vs. Small Farmers

American Boots on the Ground in Ukraine

Obama Demands New Regulations After Drunken
Fed Crashes Drone on White House Lawn

Brave New Animals Exposed by New York Times Are Tip of Iceberg

Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine

Vermont High Schoolers Just Destroy Fox News About The Ethics Of Journalism

5 Things That Prove We Live in an Upside Down World

Study: Fukushima the most serious man made disaster in human history

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become
The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time

Vaccine fraud exposed: Measles and mumps making a huge comeback

CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

CDC lies: Measles outbreaks confirmed among children already vaccinated

Fracking Boom Expands Near Chaco Canyon, Threatens
Navajo Ancestral Lands and People

Crisis in Science: Scientists’ Responsibility for
the Survival of the Human Species

So What Does The World Bank Do Exactly?

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out on
Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

This Is What Gold Does In A Currency Crisis, Euro Edition

How The Swiss National Bank Almost Crushed George Soros

VICTORY: Citizens Stand up to Agenda 21 in Alaska

With hackers running rampant, why would
we poke holes in data security?

Ending the Classroom Factory Model: How
Technology Will Personalize Education

Russia Passes Even Tighter Restrictions on GMO Imports

Small Portable Water Filter Makes a Big Difference in Kenya

Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society

Jamaica considers marijuana legalisation and production

Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry

Four and Counting: States Consider Bill
to Turn Off Resources to the NSA

Three lies Big Biotech uses to justify GMOs

New Study Links GMOs To Cancer, Liver/Kidney
Damage & Severe Hormonal Disruption

International court calls on Mexico to ban genetically modified corn

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe
cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates

China Used More Cement In The Last Three Years
Than The US Used In The Entire 20th Century

‘Cyber Snipers’: Snowden uncovers truth on US digital war plans

Journalism infiltrated by CIA?

China remains largest foreign holder of US bonds: Treasury

NY Court Decision: Religious waivers
UNCONSTITUTIONAL-exposes community to Illness

By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation

The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle

Chuck Norris Calls Out Monsanto For Killing Food Supply

Virginia’s New Anti-NDAA Detention Bill Turns the Table on Feds

Crisis Point: Putin, The West, and the Game Being Played

Here's What the Swiss Central Bank Just Did and Why It's Such a Shocker

What In The World Just Happened In Switzerland?

A PATRIOT Act For Europe?

"If It’s Not A Hard Asset, It’s No Asset"

The Greek Bank Runs Have Begun: Two Greek
Banks Request Emergency Liquidity Assistance

Patrick Henningsen Breaks Down Big Media’s Game

Organic food popularity exploding in China

Planned Arizona copper mine would put a hole in Apache archaeology

13 unsolved mysteries that still need answers in 2015

Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar

Computer chaos feared over 2015's leap second

EU to pick which GMO it grows after new bill passed overwhelmingly

Oil Derivatives Explosion Double 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis-David Morgan

Oil Derivatives Explode in Early 2015-Rob Kirby

Jim Gerritsen, Organic Farmer; "Monsanto has perverted
democracy in the United States"

U2's Bono partners with Monsanto to destroy
African agriculture with GMOs

Dalai Lama concedes he may be the last

Fast food lowers student test scores by 20%

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations

Weird Footage Prompts Claims of Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy

Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

Germany Pushes GMO Ban Before 2015 Harvest

Monsanto Earnings Fall 34% as Farmers Reject GMO Crops

12 Ways to Rid the Planet of GMOs and Monsanto’s Roundup

U.S. instructors trained Brazilians in torture techniques
during military dictatorship, report says

Is the Decrease in Gas Price a Sign of the Death of the Petrodollar?

All Over America, Government Officials Are
Cracking Down On Preppers

Anti-GMO Petition Receives 59,742,753 Signatures

GMO Farmer: ‘I Won’t Eat My Own Crops’

Obama Increases Allowable Levels of Radiation
in Drinking Water ‘Dramatically’

Women in Nicaragua combat country's macho culture

LA City Council members suddenly oppose GMO ban
after heavy lobbying by biotech industry

Mainstream media finally realizing 3D printing could spur global revolutions

Kochs and Walmart Clan Wage Dirty War to Stop
You From Putting Solar Panels on Your Home

Many of the displaced residents of Fukushima are still in limbo


Farmers becoming more interested in growing non-GMO crops

CDC discovers its own researchers were accidentally exposed to Ebola in the lab

10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial
Crisis That Are Happening Again RIGHT NOW

Bankrupt government slashing payments to doctors by 43%
medicare patients to be rejected nationwide

As Obama Hosts Pena Nieto, Explosive Report Ties
Mexican Federal Police to Students' Disappearance

The Missing 43: Mexico's Disappeared Students

This City Eliminated Poverty, And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

Former Orphan Creates Safe Haven For Street Kids

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit over underage sex allegations

Jailed Reporter Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years For
Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

Was Sony Hack 'Laid-Off Staff'?

Ukraine Energy Wars Are Leading To A Fukushima
Chernobyl Debacle In Europe

Major tortilla chip brand using 'No GMO' label on contaminated product

The “Non-GMO Project” seal: deceptive advertising?

Monsanto/Bayer's GM plants contaminate Europe despite ban

Roundup ''Weedkiller'' Feeds Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds

Film Maker Exposes Factory Farms Using a Drone

US Vetoes Palestinian Statehood Resolution in UN Security Council

New Level: Monsanto Tries Patenting Natural Tomatoes

Russia launches ‘wartime government’ HQ in major
military upgrade - Preparations for War?

National Grid Electricity Rates To Rise 37 Percent

Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA

The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That
The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart

Secret CIA report: Drone strikes and targeted
killings 'boost support for terror groups'

Too Big to Tax: Settlements Are Tax Write-Offs for Banks

Big U.S. School Districts Plan Switch To Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Oil Wars: Suadi Arabia, The US And Russia

Ruble Drops 5 Percent As Russian Economy Shrinks

Explaining "Real" Money To Your Children

GMO Labelling Meaningless As 76% of
Americans Unaware of What GMOs Are

The secret GMO war: double agents, betrayal, greed?

Grid parity: Why electric utilities should struggle to sleep at night

The remarkable collapse of our trust in government, in one chart

Suicide surpassed war as the military's leading cause of death

U.S. TV Provides Ample Platform for American
Torturers, But None to Their Victims

Organic food sales skyrocket across Australia, while GMOs lose traction

Pharmaceutical employees arrested after causing 64
deaths with drug tainted with fungal meningitis

Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations
That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read

New York Times calls for Cheney, Bush officials to
be investigated and prosecuted for torture

‘30 countries involved in CIA torture’

This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy in Russia

Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud

Austria Considers Repatriating Its Gold

The Annotated History of US Dollar Debauchery

Russia Has Begun Selling Its Gold, According To SocGen

"It's A Huge Crisis" - The UK Oil Industry Is
"Close To Collapse, People Are Being Laid Off"

Are Government Health Authorities Taking Away Your Choice to Refuse Vaccines?

Drone Footage Shows Extent Of Greenpeace's Damage To Peru's Nazca Site

Kazakhstanis hit by mystery sleeping sickness

Hackers in charge: Sony hack and theater pullback reveals
new era of hackers trouncing multinational corporations

7 GMO Myths Debunked

Russia crisis leaves banks around the world exposed by the billions

Top Ten US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secret Deal to Help Corporations

World Health Organization Suppresses Report
on Iraqi Cancers and Birth Defects

Breaking Ban: After 90yr old US veteran arrested
for feeding homeless, city lifts law

Feds say cleaning up most contaminated nuclear
weapons site in US is too costly

Will New FDA Regulations Put Organic Farms Out Of Business?

Child Poverty In The U.S. Where Do We Rank?

Peru to take legal action over Greenpeace stunt at ancient Nazca lines

2015 NDAA Gives Native American Land to Foreign Mining Corporation

British Company Offers No Reassurance to Concerns
of Proposal to Release GM Mosquitoes in U.S.

U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents

Maryland City Votes to Oppose Cell Towers On School Grounds

Patients who claim they developed gambling and sex addictions
after taking Parkinson's medication are offered settlement by drug company

Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia

How the federal debt went from $1 trillion to $18 trillion in 33 years

The One Thing Worse Than Big Dairy’s Abuse of Cows? Its Abuse of Workers

New Mexico levies $54M against US for violations at nuclear repository

Global Deflationary Implosion Will Start Money Printing

Indigenous Call for Urgent, Unprecedented and
Unified Action for Protecting and Restoring the Sacred

McDonalds Implodes, Reports Worst US Sales In Over A Decade

Hackers claim responsibility for Sony PlayStation Network outage

New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially
Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses

Assange: Google to Back Hillary Clinton for President in 2016

China Just Overtook The US As The World's Largest Economy

Study: Bayer Herbicide Causes Autism, Even at Trace Levels

China's Illegal Organ-Harvesting Trade Is Still Booming

Is Monsanto About to Unleash GMO Marijuana?

Factory Farm Whistleblower

Plummeting Oil Prices Could Destroy The Banks That
Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives

Red Cross exposed as scam in searing investigation published by ProPublica

What Exactly IS A GMO?

The artistic campaign to help 300,000 Peruvian
women sterilised against their will

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson?
10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

The 67 People As Wealthy As The World's Poorest 3.5 Billion

With Everyone Focused on Ferguson, Obama Quietly
Passing 3,400 New Regulations Before Thanksgiving

Hero JPMorgan whistleblower goes public

Mega-Corp Using GMO Ingredients Forced to Drop “100% Natural” Labels

Why Is Russia Banning GMOs While the US Keeps Approving Them?

End of Organic? Report Says GMO Crop Contamination Cannot Be Stopped

Shocking Facts About the Meat Industry

Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry

The growing wealth and clout of the richest .01 percent

Smoking guns: why Maui can defeat Monsanto

Woman dies after airport scanner interferes with her pacemaker

12 Charts Show Connection Between Roundup and Disease

Organic Standards Take a Beating at Codex

Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over
National Park and Forest in Washington State

Brazil, EU to circumvent NSA spying with undersea cable

Mom Could Face Jail Time for Healing Son with Cannabis Oil

57 Million Americans Warn UK About GMO Dangers

Anti-GMO movement’s PR agency represents who?

GruberGate compilation video goes viral

Guatemalan Indigenous Communities Beat Monsanto & Seed Privatization

Germany and Bulgaria Confirm Strong Opposition to GM Crops

Local activists are paying with their life to protect their forests in Peru

Madison Tiny House Village for the Homeless

G20 to Change Status of Bank Accounts = Investments

What A Difference A Week Makes In International Diplomacy

More Homeless Children Now Than Any Point in US History

Roundup Is Dumped On Crops Right BEFORE Harvest

Dr. Wakefield files official complaint with CDC over ongoing vaccine fraud

Humans waste enough food to feed 3.48 billion people annually

81% of reviewed GM crops were approved without any scientific safety studies

Landmark 20-Year Study Finds Pesticides Linked to Depression In Farmers

’Killer robots’ need to be strictly monitored, nations warn at UN meeting

Hacker Group Anonymous Hacks KKK Accounts, Shows Members Faces

Spotlight on murders of activists as Peru prepares for Lima climate talks

Quitting the Nuclear Labs – a Scientist’s Plea for World Peace

Inside India’s Sterilization Camps

Big Banks Are Fined $4.25 Billion in Inquiry Into Currency-Rigging

The ¥uan and Waterloo of the Petro Dollar

“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price

“We Are Now In The Longest Continuous
Period of War In American History”

Study: Brazilian police kill about 6 people a day

McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO
potato farming in 2014 and beyond

Swine flu advisers' ties to drug firms: Five WHO
experts linked with vaccine producers

Maui Defies Monsanto, Passes Ban on GMO Farming

Putin stockpiles gold as Russia prepares for economic

New Study: Monsanto’s #1 Herbicide Directly
Linked to Chronic Disease Spike

Genetically Engineered Potato Now Approved by USDA

Obamacare elitists openly admit voters were
too stupid to realize they were being lied to online banking under extreme cyber attack for
over 72 hours; website still down for most customers

One Out Of Three Jobs To Be Taken By Robots In 2025

National Grid Electricity Rates To Rise 37 Percent

More homeless-feeding arrests in Ft. Lauderdale amid national backlash

ISIS Fires American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army

More Lies from “Our” Government: The Latest Jobs Report

Number of global billionaires has doubled since the financial crisis

One Of Largest Russian Gold Miners On Verge Of Bankruptcy

This is how the government hides inflation

Forbes: Putin most powerful person on Earth (2nd yr running)

'Nowhere to hide, we are everywhere!' Global Million
Mask March as it happened around the world

Monsanto vs Farmers - Film by Mathieu Asselin

Hell No GMO!

Organic and 'natural' brands owned by big corporations
funnel millions of dollars into anti-GMO-labeling campaign

California County Passes Historical Law Declaring Right to Self-Governance

90-Year-Old WW2 Vet Charged For Feeding Homeless Again

Media Agrees “Not to Report” on Suspected Ebola Cases in U.S.

Tell the truth, go to jail - Press freedom in danger

National Economic Suicide: The U.S. Trade Deficit
With China Just Hit A New Record High

Could This Bullet Revolutionize 3D-Printed Guns?

Trend Towards Ending Marijuana Prohibition Continues as Legalization Wins Big

Hawaiians Win Community GMO Victory Over Monsanto

53 Real Reasons We Cannot Support Monsanto & GMOs

GMO-labeling announced as defeated despite
uncounted votes in counties favoring the measure

Anonymous Now: Million Mask March descends on London

Biotech’s Bizarre World: 7 Genetically Modified Animals

Monsanto’s ‘Director of Millennial Engagement’ Says GMOs Are Cool

New Berkeley soda tax costs 68 cents per two liter bottle

‘Water not for sale’: Ireland stands up against
water tax, tens of thousands march in protest

It’s Currency War! – And Japan Has Fired The First Shot

Largest School Lunch Boycott Starts Today in Connecticut

U.S. Ignoring Earthquake Risks to Nuclear Plants

Fed-Backed Study: How to Brainwash Public
into Fearing “Climate Change” Like Ebola

Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required

New, More Toxic Breed of Genetically Engineered Crops Gain Approval

Bowling for Nuclear Meltdowns (and Throwing Gas on the Fire)

Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs
Aren’t Safe, Refutes Claims by Monsanto

Monsanto Caused 291,000 Suicides In India

US Has Test That Can Detect Ebola Virus In Seconds (But It’s Stuck In A Lab)

Fast food marketing strategies continue to target children

North Korea closes borders to tourists because of Ebola

Secret Nuclear Waste - The Dark Side of Humanity

'Stop the Toxic Treadmill': EPA Sued for Approving Controversial Herbicide

Shocking New Report: Superrich Have Grabbed Half the World's Assets

Groups Demand End of Everglades Oil Drilling, Fracking And Fix Water Problems

Scientists: The World Has Entered A Dramatic New Geological Age

Everything We Know About Facebook's Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment

Dr. Bob's Clinic of Compassion

Crowdfunding + Cryptocurrency = New Media

Report: 21 US cities restrict sharing food with homeless people

Meet Our Ebola Czar: a Bureaucrat with No Medical
Experience Who Helped Fuel the Housing Bubble

Our Dysfunctional Financial System

Huge Victory Against Monsanto Revealed

More Dystopian Ebola Shenanigans

10 Questions for The WHO About Ebola

New Pesticide for GM Crops Approved for Market Despite Public Outcry

Merck's Vaccine Manipulations

70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months

Seeding Projects to Change the World

85% of Nurses Not Trained for Ebola

Shock W.H.O. report: Ebola has 42-day incubation period, not 21 days!

British MPs Vote To Recognise Palestinian State

FDA approves experimental use of antiviral drug for Ebola,
but still won't allow testing with colloidal silver or Echinacea

Homeless Share Facts About Themselves That May Surprise You

NIH pushing to vaccinate entire countries with Ebola vaccine

Why Are the Farmers Depressed and Suicidal?

Bill Gates Faces Trial in India for Illegally
Testing Tribal Children with Vaccines

Pilots, Doctors, and Scientists Tell the Truth about Chemtrails

Carnegie Scientist in Chemtrail Game Admits,
“They are Likely to Cause Some Damage”

Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4
as Farmers Abandon GM Crops

The 64 Countries that Require GMO Labeling
U.S. Buckles Under Biotech Pressure

Heads Explode on FOX News

Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

Parking meter 'Robin Hooders' facing NH Supreme Court

Dublin gridlocked as 50,000 Irish protesters
oppose ‘Ministry of Thirst’ water charges

Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes;
why doesn't every hospital have one of these?

9/11 Victim's Bill Blocked By Chiquita Bananas

Vaccine Scandals and Criminal Cases Increase in 2014

Journalist Spills the Beans — It’s All Lies

UK Anonymous battle austerity with homeless campaign

Massive vaccine cover-up confirmed: Secret
documents prove vaccines cause autism

Russia in Negotiation with China for alternative SWIFT Bank system

Ebola vaccine trials under way in Mali

Wall Street sells off on growth concerns; volatility picks up

World is in currency war between US, China, Russia, Japan: Economist

SICK HYPE: Ebola Fear Goes Viral Over ‘Patient Zero’ in Dallas

NIH: ‘We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak’

China Just Overtook The US As The World's Largest Economy

First Ebola fatality recorded in the USA as 'patient zero'
Thomas Duncan pronounced dead in Dallas

GMO lies vs. reality: 10 facts you need to know about Seralini biotech study

Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death

Sweden to recognise state of Palestine

The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution

Cultivated lie? Most US food labeled ‘natural’
contains GMOs, watchdog says

Longest in US history: Afghan War turns 13 yrs.

Soon to become minority, US whites show
less support for diversity – study

Big Pharma Stocks Plummet as Feds Say
they Can’t Re-Incorporate Abroad

How Merck Views Health and Disease

Official: Another Possible Ebola Case in Dallas

'Umbrella Revolutionaries' Sweep Riot Police From Hong Kong Streets

How was this not planned in advance? Ebola vaccine
magically ready for human trials in weeks, not years

MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Monsanto’s Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail

London parents sacrifice children for free Wi-Fi in new public experiment

First case of Ebola confirmed in the United States: CDC

Will arrival of Ebola in America result in mass vaccination?

Doctor treats Ebola with HIV drug in Liberia -- seemingly successfully

High School Student Speaks Out About Censorship of History in Colorado

Pharmaceutical companies conspired to keep more affordable
generic products off the market, FTC claims

Thousands gather in cities across Scotland to protest
vote rigging and rally for independence

Nuclear Gets Expensive: the Astonishing Cost of Radioactive Waste

Eruption or not, nuclear restart in Japan to go ahead on schedule

U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Fined $488.8 Million for
'Massive Bribery Network' in China

Imperialism and the Ebola catastrophe

CNN crew gassed during Hong Kong protests

How we arm the bad guys - again and again

NutraSweet Closing Aspartame Plant

Agenda 21 - City Officials, Developers Recommend
“Coffin Apartments” For Middle Class

USDA to Approve MORE Pesticide-Laden GE Crops

EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the
1970s but punished those who spoke out

Sheeple behavior in humans now fully confirmed by science

U.S. to pay Navajo Nation $554 million in largest
settlement with single Indian tribe

Denver Students Stage Mass Walk-Out Over US History ‘Censorship’

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve

Brigham and Women’s nurses sue over flu shot mandate

Faked war footage from Iraq/ISIS

There are 2 other MMR vaccine whistleblowers

Rand Paul: 600 Tons of Weapons Given to Syrian Rebels
Last Year Made ISIS Stronger!

Professor Resorts to Insults when his GMO ‘Facts’ are Disputed

The Smart Meter Divide and Conquer Model in Relationships

CDC fears 1.4 million Ebola infections by January;
is it just propaganda to push for-profit vaccines?

U.S. hospitals unprepared to handle Ebola waste

6 Notoriously Misleading Food Terms Used to Trick Consumers

Fiat Carbon Credits More Lucrative For Elites Than Fiat Currency or Oil

Over 150,000 Demand Recount After Allegations of Scottish Vote Fraud

Hanford whistleblower: 'They're getting away with it'

Whole Foods' Anti-GMO Swindle

50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation

Mystery Illness” Linked to Gardasil

World wakes up to Ebola as cases set to top 1 million

Ebola warning: CDC tells airlines to 'treat all body fluids as infectious'

EPA Nukes Radiation Rules

These Food Marketing Tricks Will Leave You Speechless

Grenade launchers in schools? U.S. school
police stock up on free military gear

US Senator: 'US Turned Blind Eye to Saudi Role in 9/11, Fuelling Rise of Isis'

Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality

Rockefeller Family Denounces Oil

How Monsanto kills the news

‘Yes’ Supporters Claim Videos Show Scottish Referendum Was Rigged

Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian River

Kiss Your Grass-Fed Beef Goodbye! GMO Grass About to Be Approved

On The Scotland Independence Fail

Mystery illness plagues girls in Colombia

Truthstream News #3: About All Those Vaccines

Covert Origins of ISIS aka Islamic State

How Underground Therapists and Scientists Keep Psychedelic
Medicine Alive Despite the Gov’t Ban

The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence

Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”

Bankers Rule: City of London vs. Scottish Independence

U.N. Agenda 21 Testing Ground: Malaysia's 10 Ideas For Sustainable Development

$1.8 Million Penalty Paid by DuPont for Tree Killer Pesticide

How Monsanto and Big-Ag are Fighting Back Against Anti-GMO Activism

Monsanto and the Geoengineers – A Lethal Mix for Humanity

Vaccines and Mortality Rates Stats By Country

UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up!

Kalamazoo Michigan mother loses home over one missed property tax payment

Can The Petrodollar Survive Low Interest Rates?

Feds Still Claim Cannabis Has No Medicinal Value

Groups Lauded for Work Towards Communities' Rights to a Just Food System

Obamanomics' Fatal Flaw: Minimum Wage-Hiking
States Are Seeing Slower Job Growth

Mad Science: ‘Genetically Modified Micro Humans’
to be ‘Farmed’ for Drug Testing by 2017

US Army: ‘Super Soldier’ Genetically Modified Humans Won’t Need Food, Sleep

U.S. State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits

Why the WHO report on congenital anomalies in Iraq is a disgrace

Judge Sides With Occupy Eugene: ‘1st Amendment
Does Not Go To Sleep At 5 P.M.’

Prescription painkiller deaths fall in medical marijuana states

Canadian Broadcasting Company: American shakedown:
Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money

1.8mn people, 11km line: Catalonians stage their biggest independence rally

“World leaders call for end to War on Drugs”

Ex-Senator: FBI covered up 9/11 investigation

Israel Has Officially Banned Fluoridation of Its Drinking Water

19 Brands Owned By Giant Corporations

Bombshell: The journal Pediatrics—fraud, brain damage, follow the money

Russian Bank Hires Two Former U.S. Senators

Public School Police Receive Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

NBC Reporter: Boots Already on the Ground in Iraq

U.S. Government Denies Claims of Toxic Exposure to 9/11 First Responders

America's Energy Madness—We're Banning Solar Panels,
But Many Towns Can't Regulate Fracking

LA Times Reporter Caught Falsifying Articles with CIA

Indigenous Indonesians Stand Up Against
‘Silent Genocide’ Promoted by Government

Tasmania Extends GMO Ban For At Least 5 More Years

Scientific Research: Everything we know is wrong

Bird’s Eye View: How Satellite Imagery Is Making the News

Special Report: How U.S. Government Admits Vaccines Cause Autism

Sen. Paul Speaks at Hearing on Demilitarization of State Law Enforcement

Harvard - Gap Between Rich & Poor Unsustainable

Medical Errors Major Cause of Death: Data on Serious
Hospital Errors Will Now Be Withheld from the Public

Highest Guatemalan Court Refuses US-Supported
Monsanto Law, Charges Fines for Growing GMO

British Petroleum (BP) Stock Drops After Threat of $18 Billion Fines

What Halliburton's $1.1 Billion Spill Settlement Means for BP

Up to 700 Iraqi children killed, maimed or
used as suicide bombers this year – UN envoy

Home Depot Admits 'Massive' Customer Payment Data Breach!

Obama to wait until after November election to
sign executive order legalizing illegals

Mystery Solved: The Truth About ‘Fake Cellphone Towers’

Grassroots Resistance as 'Police Militarization' Expo Descends on Oakland

$27 Million to Defeat Your Right to Know - About Dangers of GMO!

CDC caught selling fear to sell vaccines

Poverty levels accelerating in the US

Microsoft Admits Keeping $92 Billion Offshore
to Avoid Paying $29 Billion in U.S. Taxes

Goldman to Pay $3.15 Billion to Settle Mortgage Claims

Even Senator McCain ‘Accidentally’ Refers to the Syrian Rebels as ‘ISIS’

Costly Wars Abroad, Poverty At Home

The Third World-ization of the US

Tony Blair is Handed Philanthropist of the Year Title!

Monsanto Trickbag 101

U.S. Court rules that biotech corporations can't force
grain elevator companies to accept GMOs

Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan for Ukraine
may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU

Your Wall Street Slumlord Arrives in Europe - Goldman and
Other Financial Firms Launch “Buy to Rent” in Spain

Time Magazine accidentally reveals greater autism fraud

Half of Detroit can't pay its water bills

Epigenetics and Implications for GM Crops Using RNAi

Pentagon Has 'Everything Must Go' Sale

Practical Guide to Protesting in a Police State

Major autism/vaccine link fraud revealed

IMF chief confirms she faces 'negligence'
charges in multi-million euro fraud case

GM-Free Popularity Rising: Take THAT Monsanto!

Actor and anti-vaxxer Rob Schneider: I have proof
the CDC ‘fraudulently changed’ autism data

Celebrations in Streets of Gaza as Open-ended Ceasefire Announced

Heavily Armed SWAT Team Swarms Cal State … Because of an Umbrella

Iran displays Israeli drone downed near nuclear facility

Lies Exposed: DOJ Admits “Missing” IRS Emails DO Exist

Monsanto’s Worst Nightmare Coming True: The Rise of GMO Labeling

Pentagon's top-secret hypersonic weapon explodes in mystery Alaska fireball

Ret. Police Captain: Feds Use Provocateurs to Influence Public Opinion

Microsoft Admits Keeping $92 Billion Offshore
to Avoid Paying $29 Billion in U.S. Taxes

Russia Steps Up: ‘Major Fines’ for Corporations Without GMO Labeling

Steps In Removing Smart Meters

TSA Letter Admits Illegals Allowed to Fly Without ID

Obama orders review of U.S. police use of military hardware

The truth about the "War On Terror"

Hack Attack! Anonymous strikes at Israeli govt over Gaza

Russia Seizes Japanese Whaling Ship In Sea of Okhotsk

St. Louis Cop Suspended After Radical Views Are Exposed by YouTuber

Michigan Loses ‘Right To Farm’ This Week:
A Farewell To Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!

6 of the Biotech Industry’s Biggest Marketing
Lies to Convince You GMOs Are Great

Gates Foundation Funding Fingerprint Vaccination Program

World Bank and UN carbon offset scheme
'complicit' in genocidal land grabs

Main Ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Patented
as an Antibiotic, Destroying GI Tract

Police Kill Man Carrying TOY GUN In Walmart
He Picked Up In Their Toy Aisle

Why Some of the Biggest Fights Over Fracking
Are Taking Place Under the Radar

End of the line: GMO production in China halted

The Declaration Of Bitcoin's Independence

The Real “Dirty Wars” in the Horn of Africa

Teens Launch Phone App To Keep Tabs On Police Brutality

Sweet Victory For Mexico Beekeepers As Monsanto Loses GM Permit

U.S. Navy Integrates Autonomous Drones With Manned Missions

Mexico bans Monsanto from planting GMO soybeans

Russia Moves to Toughen GMO Food Sanctions, Introduces Fines for Vague Labeling

Tokyo Press Conference: Gov’t is committing crimes against humanity

US corporations boycott Glasgow over Gaza support

Bush Administration Lawsuit Hearing Scheduled for Sept. 11th

The Government-Industry Conspiracy that Promotes Crap Food in School

New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters

Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”

Biotech firms sue local Hawaii government for
protecting citizens and environment from GMOs

McDonald's testing automated cashiers that won't demand $15 per hour

Massacre Announced: Brazil PM to evict 20K people in $6.5B land grab

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged
Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

Man who broke Bank of England increases bet against US stock market

New malaria vaccine doesn't work most of the time,
but manufacturer says it's good enough to sell

Goal of reaching 1 Billion Meditation Minutes
for Peace is achieved by Peace Team

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's

Warrior cops on steroids: How post-9/11 hysteria created a policing monster

Another Night of Police Violence in Ferguson

Photos of the Protests in Ferguson

Mass Vaccine Brainwashing Campaign Exposed: Special Report

Ukraine military using white phosphorus on civilian targets

Syrian Kurds, Not U.S. Military, Rescued Trapped Yazidis In Iraq

US activists to block Israeli cargo in mass shutdown of West Coast ports

Wall Street's Shale 'Fraud' Exposed

Monsanto wants Americans to accept GMO
food, ramps up propaganda efforts

6 of the Biotech Industry's Biggest Marketing
Myths to Convince You GMOs Are Great

Monsanto’s Biotech Public Relations Makeover:
Lubricating the Wheels of the GMO Trojan Horse

Poland asks US to buy apples banned by Russia

New Wave of GMO Crops Poised for Approval Despite Public Outcry

Monsanto Wants 14-Year Reuters Veteran
Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers

Oxitec ‘Negligent’ over GM Mosquito Release in Panama

Frankenflies that can protect crops

Health Official Mad at Drudge For Reporting Ebola Truth

British Police Raid Pub in Search for 'Holy Grail'

Scientists and business leaders urge US government to
reject toxic herbicide mix of glyphosate and Agent Orange ingredient

GMO Golden Rice: The Scourge of Asia

John Kerry to Starving Africans: ‘Don’t Build New Farms, Just Plant More GMO’

NATO plane arrives in Ukraine with $4.5 mn worth of military aid for Kiev troops

'Massacre' of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports

History Shows Why Guatemalans Flee

4.4 BILLION to dismantle nuclear plant in California – San Onofre ‘money pit’

Bank Of America To Pay Record Fine Of Up
To $17 Billion Over Mortgage Mis-Selling

The Fukushima Health Crisis » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Ebola virus: British experts urge US and WHO to ‘give Africans cure’

38 States Call for Constitutional Convention

FLIGHT CONTROL: Boeing’s ‘Uninterruptible
Autopilot System’, Drones & Remote Hijacking

The Big Banks: The tricks they use to rule us

New Jersey May Shield Drivers From Other States' Red Light, Speed Cameras

McDonald's food likely to be banned in Russia

64 Established Scientists Reveal Corporate
Fraud Behind International GMO Study?

US missile cruiser enters Black Sea again ‘to promote peace’

Canada To Send Military Equipment To Ukraine

Trade War Intensifies as Russia Bans Import of U.S. Food

Bloodbath – 2,000+ dead in Xinjiang massacre

Heirloom seed proponents now labeled 'agri-terrorists' by government

Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal
with Iran to bypass Western sanctions

Why Monsanto's 'Cure' For World Hunger Is Cursing The Global Food Supply

China State TV Reveals Unapproved GMO Rice on the Market

Academic: Using Gardening Terms Like “Soil Purity” is Racist

It’s Official: Being Poor in America Has Been Outlawed

Nestlé Subsidiary Tries to Sell Small Town it’s Own Water

Pandemic Profits Exposed: Follow the Money on Ebola, FDA And Big Pharma

99% of U.S. chemical facilities at high risk of terrorist
attack have yet to pass security inspections

Scientist Working on US Government Ebola Drug Joked
About Culling Population with GMO Virus

The Ebola Strain Links African
Outbreak To A Lab Escape

Monsanto Paid Female Bloggers to Attend Panel

World Trade Organisation's future in doubt after India blocks trade deal

The truth you're not being told about the Toledo water crisis in Ohio
Chemical agriculture poisoned the water

Companies proclaim water the next oil in a rush to turn resources into profit

Signs Posted For Illegals Increasingly Written In Chinese

Who Is Profiting From Israel’s Offensive in Gaza?

50 Members of Congress Urge EPA and USDA to Reject New GMO Crops

House Quietly Passes Three Cybersecurity Bills

Justice Denied: US Court Rules Bhopal Victims Can’t Sue Union Carbide

Israel Changes Bar Code To Avoid Boycott

Irish Senator Drops Some Powerful Truth About the Tragedy in Gaza

Why did the U.S. Government patent the Ebola virus in 2009?

Dept of Agri Shuts Down Cell of Potential “Agri-Terrorists”:
Seed Libraries Outlawed in Pennsylvania

US spy plane violates Swedish airspace to escape Russia jets

What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?

Why Are All These Turkish Women Laughing in Public?

Big Pharma Uber Alles - Humans used as guinea pigs all over the world

Legislation allowing US consumers to unlock their cell phones clears Congress

Hacking Everything Trilogy: LA's Traffic Grid

Thousands Protest McDonald’s at Annual McDonald’s Shareholders Meeting

Israel Bombs U.N. Shelter With Over 3000
Women And Children With Multiple Strikes

Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable

Why Are There No Drugs for Ebola Virus?

GMOs in Your Beer and Wine?

Bollworms develop resistance to Bt cotton, destroy GM crop fields in Pakistan

Forced Organ Harvesting in China

International activists risk lives to protect Gaza’s ambulances under fire

The Art of War: NATO’s Global Offensive

Australian Government Pushing ‘Internet Tax’ To Pay For NSA Style Spying

Hong Kong may soon end its link with the US dollar

Whistleblower: L.A. Planning to Forcibly House Homeless Citizens in Camps

Scientific fraud? DuPont study deliberately hid toxic effects of GMOs fed to rats

US May Send Military Aid To Ukraine; Accuses Russia Of
Violating Nuclear Arms Treaty With ICBM Launch

GMOs have never been proven safe

Hillary Clinton backs GMOs to the hilt

How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the
Nuremberg Code with inhumane experiments on humans

Fukushima - The manipulation of health data in Japan

The Corporate Takeover of All Natural Food

Two Things You Need to Know About War in Ukraine

Big banks have taken over US government: Scott Rickard

How the Public Is Using the Internet to Score Major
Victories Against Corporate Food Giants

Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Bhutan Plans to Become First Fully Organic Country on Earth

Judge Sides With Oil Industry To Overturn Colorado Town’s Ban On Fracking

Over 2,500 9/11 Emergency Workers Have Cancer

U.S. Government To Pull Foreign Aid In
El Salvador For Refusing Monsanto Seeds

GMO Food Crops in India: BJP Government Grants the
“Green Light” to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates

Nearly 300,000 suicides in India so far from GMO crop failures

Russia taking McDonald's to court, threatens countrywide shutdown

One Of Obama’s Closest Advisers Connected To Illegal Human Experiments

‘Saddest photo yet’: Astronaut photographs Gaza offensive from space

Monsanto and Biotech Industry Pushing for
World Food Monopoly Through Seed Supply

‘Seeds Of Death’ and Big Agriculture. Monsanto, Dupont, Sygenta

What Border? Infowars Reporter Walks Right Into Mexico

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens

52 UK Catholic priests defrocked over abuse: Watchdog

INSANE: 1 in 10 Americans Wants War With Russia Over Downed Airliner

Mississippi Cuts $1.3 Billion from Schools, Gives $1.3 Billion to Nissan

Nuclear Truth and Formality: Looking Beyond the Corporate Spin

Chinese city sealed off after man dies from bubonic plague

Monsanto/FDA: 2 crime families, trillion-dollar hustle

New Onslaught of Pesticides Being Approved by the Corrupted EPA and FDA

Over 600 deaths in Israeli Gaza op: Military hits
mosques, stadium, homes, hospital

Establishment media criticizes Ron Paul for failing to attack Russia

Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons
of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs

Navy sailor exposed to Fukushima radiation
reveals depth of government cover-up

Bolivia legalizes labor of kids as young as 10

Obamacare subsidies ruled illegal as federal court
declares President is not King


The Illusion of Choice

Irrefutable proof that Big Pharma is a criminal racket

New World Disorder: Emerging Division Between
East And West Threatens To Plunge The Globe Into Chaos

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies: NATO Is Attempting
to “Revolutionize The Current World Order”

Congress Says Americans Are Too Stupid to Read GMO Food Labels

Nestle Continues To Sell Bottled Water Sourced
From California Despite Record Drought

How the World Health Organisation covered up Iraq's DU nuclear nightmare


BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance

Stocks Plunge, Gold/VIX Spike On Worst Airline Tragedy Since 9/11

6 Reasons To Question the Official Story of the Malaysian Flight Over Ukraine


Did the Other Shoe Just Drop? Big Banks Hit with Monster
$250 Billion Lawsuit in Housing Crisis


What Exactly Are the Spy Agencies Actually
DOING with their Bag of Dirty Tricks?

First Human Trials of Genetically Modified Bananas Underway

The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control

The Real Purpose Of The IMF

Colorado Man Infected With Deadliest, Rarest Form Of Plague

Former prison worker ready to name Establishment
figures in child sex abuse scandal

GMO Bananas to Boost Vitamin A Arrive for First Test in Iowa

BAYER Steps Up Deadly GMO Arms Race

How to Join the Grocery Store Rebellion

Members of Congress Declare "Immunity" from Insider Trading Probe

Over 275,000 babies 0-1 are given psyche drugs

Hospitals Are Mining Patients’ Credit Card Data

Are Actors Used to Manipulate the Masses?

GMO Mosquito Trial Has Reverse Effect, Causes Dengue Emergency

War is Peace: US State Department says Kiev
has right to use airstrikes against civilians

45,000 SWAT Raids Are Terrorizing Families Every Year in the US

Mayan People's Council Organizes National Strike in Guatemala

The Poisoners and Their Accomplices

Salvadoran Farmers Successfully Oppose the Use of Monsanto Seeds

Five Shocking Places Where Fracking Is Taking Off

Dallas Considers Ending Five Decades of Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million a Year

New Mexico WIPP nuclear storage facility essentially
'a huge dirty bomb' waiting to explode

The horrors of Roundup - The other side of GMO

Canadian & Australian Prime Ministers Deliver Exact
Same Speech (Word For Word) About Iraq & Terrorism

Consumers Across the Nation are Boycotting Kellogg’s Foods – Here’s Why

Why Even the US Government is Afraid of Blackwater's Mercenaries

Red Cross clams up about missing $300 million

Bitcoin Vs Gold - The Infographic

You'll Never View Food the Same Way Again - The Need to Grow

Shocking Undercover Investigation Exposes Buried-Alive
Chickens at Nation's Second-Largest Producer

U.S. FDA seeks ideas for nanotech use in livestock feed

Five Shocking Things Huge Corporations Don’t Want You To Know About Food

GMOs Shown to be Safe? Science Media Center
Exposed for Incredible GMO Deceit

The military loves their drones And over 400 of them have crashed in the US

Bad News for Monsanto – Seralini GMO Study Gets New Light

WikiLeaks publishes 'secret draft' of world trade agreement

Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes

Supreme Court Says Phones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant

UN Hiring Peacekeepers to "Disarm" American Citizens?

DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms

Establishment is Afraid of End The Fed Movement in Germany

Criminalising Dissent in India against GMOs and Monsanto

Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer: Big Agri Peddles “GMO Gruel” to the Impoverished

Australia planning to produce GMO milk


Ghosts of the World Cup

'No more austerity:' Thousands rally in London demanding alternative from govt

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy

Secret trade agreement covering 68 % of world services - published by WikiLeaks

LA’s Homeless Allowed To Live In Cars, Appeals Court Rules

Ben And Jerry’s Switches To Non-GMO, Fair Trade Ice Cream Ingredients

Groups Appeal to UN For ‘Humanity’ As Detroit Shuts Off Water To Thousands

The original NSA whistleblowers

The Secrets of Food Marketing and How You’re Being Fooled By Advertising

Truly fuel-efficient cars currently available in Europe
banned from US market; Americans getting ripped off

Awesome: Oregon Aims to Be First State to Map GMO Fields

Australia first developed nation to ask UNESCO for heritage de-listing

New UK Cyberterrorism Law May Jail Hackers For Life

FDA May Destroy American Artisan Cheese Industry

How 37 Banks Became 4 In Just 2 Decades, All In One Astonishing Chart

Tunnel vision: Plan to put Fukushima on ice hits snag

Factory Farming Model to Blame for Outbreak of Deadly Pig Virus

Corrupt Charities

Electronic War Games Blamed For Jets Vanishing Off Radars In Europe


Walgreens’ Planned Move From Illinois to Switzerland Would Save $4 Billion in Taxes

Push for GMO labeling a 'resilient grassroots effort' that cannot be stopped

Roundup Herbicide Dismantled in 3 Minutes

Corporate Criminality and the General Motors Ignition Cover-Up

Monsanto Trolling Anti-GMO Articles, Claiming Organic Food ‘Kills People’

‘Unprecedented’: 13 aircraft mysteriously disappear
from radars in heart of Europe

US dumped tons of radioactive material on the Middle East

Angry mothers meet U.S. EPA over concerns with Roundup herbicide

The Other Cannabis War?: The Battle Over Hemp

Missiles Installed on Apartment Buildings to Protect
FIFA’s World Cup, 200,000 Troops Deployed

Monsanto Teaching a Health Class In a School Near You?

Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts
And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too

GM crops in England as soon as next year

NSA: We’re Too Big to Comply with Court Orders

And the First US Commercial Drone License Goes To... BP

Mindblowing Fact Of The Day: China Has Over 52 Million Vacant Homes

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

Win: Kyrgyzstan Initiates 100% GMO Ban for 5.5 Million Population

Australian pensioners and savers have bank accounts raided by government

Pesticide and GMO Companies Spend Big in Hawai'i

Wave of GMO Labeling Victories Emboldens Movement to Take Back Food Democracy

St. Louis Archbishop - Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was a Crime

Woman Arrested For Filming Police Wins $57,000 Settlement

Massive Anti-Monarchy Protests Across Spain After King’s Abdication

Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says
US Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens

U.S. to El Salvador – No Aid Without Monsanto

Louisiana Gov. signs bill killing lawsuits against oil and gas companies

More US Cities Are Cracking Down on Feeding the Homeless

Big Pharma is in control - "American Addict" - The Movie

CNN Says Liberty Movement More Threatening than Al-Qaeda

Pakistan High Court Bans GM Crop Licenses for GMO Corn, Cotton

Hilary Clinton 2016: A Recipe for Endless War

DuPont Co. Sued for $1 Billion Over Genetic Technology

The Fight of the Korubo of the Amazon

Hemp: The New Industrial Revolution

Groups Launch New International Effort to Protect
Children From “Terrible Twenty” Pesticides

Net Neutrality Explained

US Corporations Dump Dollar for Chinese Renminbi to Buy Imports

Canadian MP leaves ‘treasure trove’ of NATO documents at airport

Agro-Giant Syngenta’s Shocking Tactics to Silence GMO Opposition

The 25 Rules of Disinformation

New Jersey Trying to Legalize Selling Homemade Food

Monsanto's seed imperialism halted in Canada thanks to massive protests

The Top 5 Similarities and Practices Between Big Tobacco and Big Pharma

IMF chief says banks haven't changed since financial crisis

Despite Obama's new rules, no end in sight for drone war

The End of the Amazon – Ecuador Approves Oil Drilling
in One of the Most Biodiverse Regions on the Planet

Half of the World’s Food Is Thrown Away

DEPLETED URANIUM: Leaving An Eternal Legacy
Of Environmental Radioactivity Wherever It’s Used In War

Need food, not football’: Brazilian graffiti art
expresses outrage over World Cup

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

“Why Uruguay’s President Is The Most ‘Bad-Ass’ Leader In The World”

Licensed Dentist Attacked for Charging Too Little

Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation: “Guinea Pigs for the Drugmakers”

Activist Moms Confront EPA About Roundup Herbicide

Everyone should know just how much the government lied to defend the NSA

Monsanto Controls both the White House and the US Congress

GMO War Steps Up – Boycott the GMA and Monsanto

Mexico and Monsanto: Taking Precaution
in the Face of Genetic Contamination

New Letter to California Lawmakers Shows
Broad Support for Fracking Moratorium

Dark science: US medical testing abroad

Report: GMO Activists and Independent Scientists Targeted by US Military

GMO Grass: Coming to a Lawn Near You?

UK ministers hold secret meetings with biotech companies to promote GMOs

Monsanto and the Bio-Tech Conglomerates: Sowing the Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia

Russia, China Banking Deal to Exclude Dollar in Transactions - Symbolic Blow to Dollar

Veteran Blows the Whistle on Veterans Administration ‘House of Horrors’

March against Monsanto - May 24th - view Map

Voters ban GMO crops in Southern Oregon

China Arrests Former CEO Of JPMorgan Asia

Below The Belt, Below The Breadline
South Africa’s GM Contaminated Bread Cartel

"Coercive", "Unethical" Banks Hold Mortgages Hostage
Over Non-Disparagement 'Gag' Order

Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die

Chevron in Ecuador Representative of Multinationals'
Continuing Abuse of Indigenous Peoples

Genetic Engineers Agree: GMOs Neither Safe Nor Necessary

Russia’s VTB and Bank of China agree on domestic currency settlements

It’s Over: Total US population 318 million
Total Working Age Unemployed: 102 million

Bay Bucks Barter: Off-the-Dollar Food, Energy, Finance

China, Russia Beat US in New Corporate Transparency Report

GlaxoSmithKline engaged in bribery, corruption planet-wide

The Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered

Bentley Blockade Wins – United Community Action Halts Drilling

JPMorgan Chase Bets $10.4 Billion on the Early Death of Workers

The Great Boycott: Monsanto and the GMA

Thailand's army declares martial law

Chilean Activist Burns $500 Million Student Loan
Docs In Protest Against Debt Serfdom

The Global March Against Monsanto - 24 May, 2014

Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation

The Turkish Catastrophe and the Global Mining Slaughterhouse

Bribery, Fraud and Corruption Charges Against Big Pharma

FCC Moves Corporatization of Internet Forward

GMO producers should be punished as terrorists, Russian MPs say

Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar

Florida couple fined thousands of dollars, threatened
with jail time for feeding the homeless

Africa Is Up For Sale By The Acre To The Highest Bidder

US, Papua New Guinea, Oman Are Only Nations
Without Paid Maternity Leave

France's GMO corn ban given final approval in senate

Big data companies collect, mine and sell 75k
personal details on each customer

US child tobacco farms: 60hrs a week in heat, nicotine exposure

Scientists: Robots Could be Programmed to Kill
You ‘For the Greater Good’

GMO – Strike at the Root

The Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden's Son Joins
Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer

How Airlines Make Big Money When Planes Crash

Monsanto’s Shocking Power Grab Continues

Local Protesters Are Killing Big Oil and Mining Projects Worldwide

Canada Finally Slammed for Its Treatment of Natives

Monsanto Meets its Match in the Birthplace of Maize

Robotics experts to debate ‘killer robots’ policies at UN

The GMO Biotech Sector can’t win the Scientific Debate.
Co-optation, Deception and Collusion

Food Industry Giants to Wage Legal Battle to Defeat
Vermont's Landmark GMO Labeling Law

Scientists Under Attack — Árpád Pusztai, a GMO Whistleblowing Hero!

Jet nearly collided with drone over Tallahassee

The Worst Lies Mainstream Nutrition Has Told You

Thai Protesters Seek ‘Sovereign Power’

Walmart – High Cost Of Low Prices (Film)

In the UK You Can Now Buy Heirloom Seeds Only
if You Are Part of a Private Members Club

Deadly Illness in Nicaragua Baffles Experts

Monsanto Shifts Gears to Focus on Consumers, Not Just Growers

GMOs – Labeling the 2%

Canada’s First Cannabis Vending Machine Starts Operation

Latin America strikes back against imperialist Monsanto

Who Is Behind the Pain Killer Epidemic? Big Pharma, Of Course

US Company Bans “Free Thinking” Homeschooled Workers

What is the Smart Grid?

Oregon man in Possession of 13 Million Gallons
of Illicit Rainwater Sentenced to Jail

Dump Monsanto Stock Day: Friday, May 9th

US Government Begins Rollout Of Its 'Driver's License For The Internet'

132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System

Obamacare deals death blow to single-doctor medical clinics

Enron 2.0: Wall Street Manipulates Energy Prices and Every Other Market

Homeless Grandmother Arrested 59 Times for Sitting on Sidewalk

This Man With A Van Has A 'Wild Obsession' With Helping Homeless People

In Colombia, Free Trade Brings More Poverty and More Killings

EPA Approves Agent Orange for GMO Crops

University Blocks Students From Handing Out U.S. Constitution

Right to farm being stripped from Americans

US intends least transparency in drone assassination program: Lawyer

The Koch Attack on Solar Energy

British Spy Chiefs Secretly Begged to Play in NSA’s Data Pools

European Parliament Votes To Ban Industry-Connected
Scientists From Food Safety Authority

Landmark Ruling, Jury Says Fracking Company
Must Pay $3 Million To Sickened Family

Russia, GMO and the Geopolitics of Organic

First Canadian Fired For Refusing Vaccine

Suspicious Deaths Of Bankers Are Now Classified
As "Trade Secrets" By Federal Regulator

Georgia governor signs law to drug test some welfare recipients

Monsanto Setting Up GMO Seed Corn Business in Ukraine

FCC Wants to Give Corporations Their Own Internet

Senate Agrees: US People Can't Know Overseas Drone Death Toll

Woman calls Nestle to inquire about fluoride in
bottled water, recieves death threats for a month

Chinese Ministry Newspaper: GM Soybeans
Harm Health of China’s 1.3 Billion People

Natural Resource Extraction vs. Indigenous Rights
and the Environment in Latin America

Media Matters Boss Admits Soros Funded Group
Works to Destroy Alternative Media

Upcoming Global March Seeks To Expose
Monsanto’s Many Crimes Against Humanity

Bank of America’s Fraud Exposed

Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a
mental illness: only the sheeple are ’sane’

How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness

Bavaria Newest State to Join Large GMO-Free Network

'Straight from the Horse's Mouth': Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe

Marshall Islands Sues Nine Nuclear Powers Over Failure to Disarm

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Human Toll of Obama’s Crackdown on Whistle-Blowers

Fukushima Didn’t Just Suffer 3 Meltdowns
It Also Suffered Melt-THROUGHS and Melt-OUTS

Cliven Bundy Responds to New York Times Racism Report

VA Hospitals Being ALLOWED To Let Veterans
Die And Then Disappear Their Records

California GMO Labeling Bill Passes Senate Committee

Rabies Vaccine Dropped from Planes by the Millions

Vermont Law Makes It Official: GMO Food Must Be Labeled

Rebellion is brewing against the political elite that has ruined Europe

Ecuador: Despite All Odds, Activists Present
Signatures Needed to Save Yasuní

Florida City About To Make It Illegal For Homeless
People To Have Possessions In Public

The Japanese Government Hides the Truth: Fukushima
Radiations are Killing Children, TEPCO Employees

Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity
Rather Than a Universal Human Right

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts that Gardasil will Become
the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time

Canada decides not to allow release of GM alfalfa this spring

Toxic Herbicides Now Common in Pregnant Women’s
Breast Milk, Placentas, and Umbilical Cords

Grandmothers to Grandmothers: Uniting and Caring Across the World

Retractions of dishonest scientific papers rose 1,900% in nine years

Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave

BLM Whistleblower Reveals Financial Motive Behind Bundy Ranch Raid

Pressure on Cargill and ADM to Dump GMO After China Rejects Corn Imports

Extreme Levels of Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Found in Soy Plants

Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor Demands Ban on All Glyphosate Poisons

Secrecy And Lies: Government Collusion With The GM Biotech Sector In Britain

Women Prisoners Sterilized To Cut Welfare Costs In California

Chile rejects seed patent legislation known as the 'Monsanto Law'

GMO cotton seeds made by Monsanto collaborator
banned in Indian state after crops fail

Congress Wants To Ban GMO Labeling

Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

French parliament bans genetically modified maize

The 1% Wants to Ban Sleeping in Cars Because It Hurts Their 'Quality of Life'

Oligarchy, Not Democracy: Americans Have ‘Near-Zero’ Input On Policy – Report

Michael Rupert suicided?

Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight the Law and Win

It’s Official – Russia Completely Bans GMOs

90,000 Acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land!

Where Do the Multinationals Park their Money?

How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments

Bundy Ranch - Separating Fact from Fiction

Monsanto Terminator Seeds and RoundUp Herbicide in Afghanistan

Meet the Lakota Tribe Grandmother Teaching Thousands
How to Get Arrested to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

People Power Delays Fracking in Australia

Monsanto: The Enemy Of Family Farmers

Monsanto, biotech stocks plummet the day after
activists launch Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge

How Nigeria Became Africa’s Largest Economy Overnight

How Big Business Targets Children

Monsanto Demands Removal of Mexican Judge over GM Maize Ban

Sylvia Burwell, replacement for resigning Kathleen Sebelius,
ran Common Core, Bill Gates vaccines and GMOs in Africa

Police block Birmingham pastor from feeding the homeless

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher

Are You Inadvertently Investing in Monsanto’s Toxic Legacy?

SWAT teams raids tomato growing family

Volkswagens New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed In America

The Great American Grocery Hoax

Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Jury Orders Pharma Companies To Pay $9 Bln In Diabetes Drug Case

12 Shocking Facts About the Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

China Rejects Another shipment of GMO Animal Feed

10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health

Fighting Our Fossil-Nuke Extinction

Mounting evidence of health concerns near tar sands development

Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs

Michael Lewis Explains How the Stock Market Is Rigged

GMO crops in Iowa fail as beetle larvae develop resistance

Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt - Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers

The 67 People As Wealthy As The World's Poorest 3.5 Billion

China to allow direct yuan, New Zealand dollar trades

Putin Flushes the US Dollar: Russia’s Gold Ruble
Payments System Delinked from Dollar?

Line in the Tar Sand – Native Americans Make Their Stand

Uber, Tesla & Airbnb Are Under Government Attack

Empty Government Buildings Total 77,000

Dollar Devaluation: Hard Evidence At Your Local Grocery Store

Walmart Admits: ‘Our Profits’ Depend on ‘Their Poverty’

This Man Went to Prison for Collecting Rainwater

New Lawsuit Alleges That Wells Fargo Has a Manual for
Mass Fabrication of Foreclosure Documents

10 Years of Failure, Farmers Deceived by GM Corn

Capitulating to Monsanto and Wall Street: What Future for India?

FDA considers approval of genetically modified babies

Reporter Reveals White House Press Conferences
are Entirely Scripted Nonsense

The Truth About What Happens to the Old Clothes You Donate

Church Ordered to Stop Giving Homeless People
a Warm Place to Stay in Freezing Cold Weather

Man Delivering Random Acts of Kindness, Gets Unfairly
Detained for Supposed ‘Mental Health’ Issue

Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart receives
welfare loan from US taxpayers

Feinstein’s Bill to Kill Free Speech of Independent
Journalists ‘Has Votes’ to Pass Senate

Resistance Against the New Youtube Police

Facebook and Monsanto: top shareholders are identical

Another stolen generation: how Australia still wrecks Aboriginal families

ObamaCare's Secret Exemption

Food, Inc The whole documentary

Mayans Win Huge Battle to Ban GMO Soy Crops

Forget GMOs, scientists are creating bionic plants

France Stands Up to Monsanto, Bans Seed Giant’s GMO Corn

New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA over Missing
Docs Showing GMO Dangers

Injustice: As BP Refuses To Pay Remaining Gulf
Oil Claims, US Restores Its Privileges

French government bans GM maize MON 810

Historic Ruling Against GMOs in Brazil

300 arrested at Montreal protest against police brutality

Massive Roadblock, Warrantless Searches in Maryland

Fire-sale of US Treasuries is a warning of acute stress across the world

Australian makes protesting illegal and fines protesters
$600 and can gaol (jail) up to 2 years

Bogus news reporting in action

Rare Interview of Amish Family Ordered Into Experimental Chemotherapy

Fast food chains struggle in wake of healthy eating trend

26 top American corporations paid no federal income tax from ’08 to ’12

The plan to wipe out Earth’s Van Allen belts with radio wave technology

The Scam of Psychiatry, ADHD, Bipolar, Chemical Imbalance

Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites

Native American Tribal Leaders Vow To Stop The Keystone XL Pipeline

Family farms under attack: Poles to stage massive
protest at embassy in defense of traditional farming

These Corporations are the Real Welfare Queens

Court Rules Off The Grid Living Is Illegal

Americans waste nearly one-third of their food; worth $161 billion

78 Members of Congress Have Family Members As Lobbyists

Canadian government to review 23 pesticides banned in Europe

Snowden: ‘Training Guide’ for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating
and Disrupting Alternative Media Online

Tiny Houses for the Homeless

Wall Street Giving Huge Bonuses To Those That
Quit To Become Government Employees

Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit Against Fracking Project
Because It Will Devalue His $5 Million Property

Media Blacks Out New Snowden Interview
The Government Doesn’t Want You to See

What’s Going On In Venezuela?

Bloody war ensues on the streets of Bangkok
Protestors and police shot — Explosions

Bank Runs Spread To Thailand

Washington State house votes to nullify federal hemp ban, 97-0

Healthcare Costs of Coal: $60 Billion Per Year

David Icke - Newspaper Review / The Richie Allen Show

Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps

How One Billionaire’s Idea To Give Rich People
More Votes Is Already In The Works

Angry Residents Wave Pitchforks, Torches In
Protest Of Mayor's Crackdown On Homelessness

GMO Banning Wars

Big Pharma as conspirator in WHO 2009 pandemic flu scam

19 Statistics About The Drugging Of America That
Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says

Gregory’s Homeless Homes Project

US Bill S 510 would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

19 EU States reject GMO corn; Council approves anyway

More companies voluntarily phasing out GMOs
in response to growing consumer demand

Suicides of Bank Executives, Fraud, Financial Manipulation

Monopolizing the Internet: Comcast Gobbles Up Time Warner

‘World’s first’ farmer trial over GM crop contamination begins in Australia

EU to approve new GM crop, ignoring majority members’ opposition

Helping the Amazon’s ‘Jaguar People’ Protect Their Culture And Traditional Wisdom

The Crimes of Goldcorp: Assaults on Indigenous in Honduras and Guatemala

Campaign to remove Bengt Holst from his position at Copenhagen Zoo

Revealed: Names of the Soon-to-be-Former Leader of the World

Snowmageddon Revelations

Cruel Florida Ordinance Makes it Illegal for Cold
Homeless People to Cover Up With Blankets

New Farm Bill Forbids Disclosure of Which Companies
Receive Federal Crop Insurance

Vaccine Maddness: Father sentenced to life in prison after
daughter dies following eight vaccinations in one day

221 Percent Increase In One Year? Why Are
So Many People Renouncing American Citizenship?

Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production

Power of Monsanto: Shareholder Meeting Had
More Cops, Arrests Than Votes for GMO Labels

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution
After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media

Manufacturing the news and other fads

Roundup Accumulates in GMO Food, Proving Its Lack of Safety

How Obama-Monsanto’s Food Act Destroys Small Farms

Let Banks Fail Is Iceland Mantra as 2% Joblessness in Sight

The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare

9/11 Activist Hijacks Super Bowl Press Conference, DROPS TRUTH BOMB!

Exclusive Snowden Interview

There is no stopping the GMO labeling movement, admits mainstream media

Grandmother Barred from 312 Miles of Pennsylvania for Peacefully Protesting Fracking

GMOs in USDA Organic Food

Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops

Food Lobby Threatens to Sue Any State that Tries to Label GMOs

Bank Run Fears Escalate As Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals

New Zealand School Bans Playground Rules and Sees Less Bullying and Vandalism

The Untold History of Modern U.S. Education: The Founding Fathers

Richest 85 boast same wealth as half the world

The government in Ukraine is shutting down the internet and television

People Against the NDAA: "The Resistance is Just Getting Started"

Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Overtakes Monsanto
as “Most Evil Corporation on the Planet”

Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End

Thailand: Regime Assassinates Protest Leader on Eve of Sham Elections

The most wanted documentary about GMO

Governments Ignore Definitive Proof that
Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Birth Defects

The Ultimate Killing Machine - GMOs

New Snowden Interview (Full Video)

Better health care - in Mexico?

Fukushima WAS a Nuclear Explosion, Here Is The Proof

GE Hitachi Settlement With US Dept. Of Justice Over Falsified React

The Brazilian ranch where Nazis kept slaves

After 20 Years, NAFTA Leaves Mexico’s Economy in Ruins

Halliburton Manager Gets One Year Probation For
Destroying Evidence Of 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Protesters surround American embassy in Kiev, rally against US meddling

Canadians buying potassium iodide in bulk over fears of Fukushima radiation

Monsanto to be Slain by Brazilian Farmers?

U.S. Privacy Watchdog: NSA Bulk Phone Records Collection Is Illegal

Man sells herbs proven to cure cancer, U.S. government jails him, lists him on Interpol

Biotech giants sue Hawaiian island for passing legislation to restrict GMOs

Expert hacker: 'absolutely 100%' insecure

The Nigerian oil holocaust

Ukraine demonstrators continue to defy protest ban

The Pesticide Producers and Junk Food Industry Lobby Against Consumer Rights

85 richest people own 46 percent of world's wealth

The Nigerian oil holocaust

The Meat Atlas: Facts and Figures About Industrial Food Production

Alberta Oilsands Projects: Canada’s Hiroshima

Governments Ignore Definitive Proof that Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Birth Defects

The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

'Agent Orange Corn': Biotech Companies Are
Waging a Chemical Arms Race on Our Food Supply

Congress Just Authorized $1.1 Trillion in Spending
And Nobody Read the Bill

Owner of company responsible for West Virginia
chemical leak is a two-time convicted felon

The heart of the medical-industrial complex

Thailand’s government is deploying 15,000
police and troops to thwart open rebellion

The Right To Farm Organically – Australian Farmer
Fights Monsanto in Landmark Seed Contamination Suit

Obama nominates rich donors to ambassador posts

Maine governor signs GMO food labeling bill

The Incredibly Flat World of Monsanto

Neil Young raises his voice against Canada’s oilsands

The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas 2014

Brazilian farmers fight back Small farmers take on Monsanto

Merck Continues Promoting Zilmax, Despite Cattle Losing Their Hooves

EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens

US companies selling customer data to NSA

Pharmaceutical firms accused of falsifying data in major Alzheimer’s study

Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Second State to Pass GMO Labeling Law

No GMO: UK to Conduct Absolutely No GMO Trials in 2014

GMO labeling to be outlawed?

If This Law is Passed, We'll All Be in Debt to Monsanto

Fukushima harms commerce as Russia rejects radioactive Japanese cars

Genetically Modified Food - GM Foods List and Information

Monsanto seed plant construction halted in Argentina

Thailand’s government is deploying 15,000 police and troops to thwart open rebellion

Canada natives vow to fight protest ban

Bankers to big to indict, JPMorgan paid gov. some $20 billion to forget Madoff scandal

McDonald's Shuts Down Employee Website Advising Workers to Avoid Fast Food

McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO potato farming in 2014 and beyond

GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush!

Coming Soon: "On-Demand" Nano-Vaccines Funded by Bill Gates

Whole Foods to Privately Support Local Growers with $25 Million

UAE Rulers Hire Blackwater to Protect Palaces from Popular Uprisings

Drone crashes into battleship, causes $30 mln in damages

Canada natives vow to fight protest ban

Greenland caves in to drilling, shrugging off oil spill dangers

UK govt accused of indirectly arming Somali pirates

USDA-Approved Agent Orange: It's Coming to a Farm Near You

Icelanders Erupt: Overthrown Government and New Constitution

People Pressure: Activists cry foul as govts crack down on protests

36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation
From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

Is Monsanto Using 4-H to Brainwash Your Children About GMOs?

I Worked on the U.S. Drone Program—Here's What Really Happens

Monsanto Winter Offensive Strikes India, China and Russia

Pennsylvania Law Gags Doctors to Protect Big Oil’s “Proprietary Secrets”

Monsanto and India’s “Suicide Economy”

The US Has Left Iraq with an Epidemic of Cancers and Birth Defects

Top 25 Stories of 2013 Subjected to Press Censorship

How Monsanto kills the news

New Revelation that AG Eric Holder Is Protecting
JPMorgan Chase NYC From Criminal Investigation

8 yrs in jail for lobsters in plastic vs banksters walking free

U.S. Navy Sailors Sue TEPCO over Cluster-Fukushima Snafu

SWAT team raids sustainable community

Ezra Levant confronts David Suzuki

NSA Phone Program Likely Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules

Thailand: Fighting the "Superpower"

Food fraud is big business

Bill Gates’ Project Tycho and Vaccine Voodoo

Why is Sweden closing its prisons?

Meet the Medical Company Making $1.4 Billion a Year Off Sick Prisoners

The Biggest, Baddest Prison Profiteer of Them All

Native American masks sold in Paris to be returned to tribes

What a Year: 45 Fossil Fuel Disasters the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About

'Stop GMOs': Russian scientists urge 10-year ban on genetically modified products

New York's U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules MERS's Business Model Is Illegal

How Big Pharma Markets to and Profits from a 'Can't-Pay-Attention Nation'

The Selling of ADHD: Diagnoses, Prescriptions Soar After 20-Year

GlaxoSmithKline Forced To Stop Paying Doctors To Promote
Drugs After Major Bribery Investigation

Connecticut becomes first state to require labeling of GMOs

Chinese Gov’t - ‘Smog Is Good for You’

GMOs cause horrible deformities, birth defects in piglets

EU fines banks record $2.3B over Libor

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Stitch Tops $500

US bishop dresses up as homeless man to expose
congregation's lack of compassion

Making A Killing With Cancer: A $124.6 Billion Industry

Breaking News: GMO ‘Suicide Seeds’
On Edge of Approval in Brazil

The Bitcoin Derivatives Market Has Arrived


The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Hawaii Bans GMO Crops on Big Island

Seed diversity has collapsed more than 12-fold since early 1900s

'Rank Hypocrisy': WTO Deal Bows to Wealth, Squashes the Poor

Monsanto, Pioneer, Cargill, Tiger Brands: GM Maize
Cartels Gorge Profits on South Africa’s Poor

105 Scientists Slam GMO-Rat-Study Retraction

12 Mandela Quotes That Won't Be In the Corporate Media Obituaries

Nelson Mandela's Life Story, In Tribute

The Truth About the Drug Companies

The Charity Swindle

No security ever built into Obamacare site: Hacker

CNN Poll: Opposition to Gun Control Up 23 Percent Since January

Native American Groups Increasingly at the Center of Fights Over Oil and Gas

West covering up depleted uranium use in wars

Argentine Protesters vs Monsanto “The Monster Is Right On Top Of Us!”

Destruction Of Ancient Timbuktu Shrines A ‘War Crime’ ICC Prosecutor Says

9-11 Here's something the government didn't want you to see

GE Designed the Faulty Fukushima Nuclear Reactors
And Their Official Response May Surprise You

China to US: ‘Take Your 60,000 Tons of GMO-Contaminated Corn and Shove It’

Transgene Escape: GMOs Spreading Uncontrollably Around the World

Japan’s secrets bill turns journalists into terrorists

City councilmen introduce motion to make Los Angeles largest GMO-free zone in US

Americans Want Congress Members To to be Drug tested

New Zealand’s Waikato Times Caught Reversing Fluoridation Poll Results

Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Ten Year Ban on Genetically Modified Seeds and Foods Takes Force Thursday

Report: 14 Shamans Killed in Loreto Region

CNN and MSNBC Shed Almost Half Their Viewers in One Year

Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases,
Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison

The Charity Swindle

Monsanto behind Journal’s retraction of GMO rat-cancer link

Experimental GMO Fish Operation Puts Wild Salmon, Environment at Risk

Indigenous Peoples Threatened by Resource Exploitation

Argentina declares war on Falkland Islands oil reserves, warning of 'criminality'

Barton Moss Fracking protection camp First Arrest

Bitcoin Riches Spill Over to Alternative Digital Currencies

True GMO Science and Dangers You’ll Never Hear About from the Media

Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors

Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans

6 Astounding Parallels Between Vaccines and GMOs

Behind the Pentagon’s doctored ledgers, a running tally of epic waste

City of San Rafael, California, Bans Smoking at Home

Atomic Mafia? Yakuza cleans up Fukushima, neglects basic workers

UK Government Set to Support Monsanto in EU Court

Life on Bitcoin: A Documentary

Can Government Ban You From Growing Vegetables In Your Own Front Yard?

Are TED Talks Now Against Alternative Health?

A Watershed Moment in Foreclosure Battle: Judge McConnell Hailed
as Savior to Thousands of Downtrodden Homeowners

Thousands protest press credibility in march against mainstream media

US Government Lets JPMorgan Off the Hook for Mortgage Fraud

Father Arrested For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School

Record high fracking industry’s campaign donations to Congress

China's state propaganda now running pro-GMO propaganda campaign

Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs to brainwash the population

9/11 and the Collapse of WTC Building 7: The BBC’s Role in
Distorting the Evidence and Misleading the Public

1000s call on Haiti president to step down

JPMorgan Admits They Profit Most From Food Stamp Issuance

Occupy the BBC: March against mainstream bias - Manchester

Japan Ex-Leaders Join Calls Against Nuclear Power

Alternative Media Under Attack: Someone
Trying to Set-up Truthstream Media

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Strips Whistleblower Protection

Photos Reveal Ecuador Building Secret Oil Roads Deeper
Into Richest Rainforest on Earth, the Yasuní National Park

Confessions of an American Drone Operator

Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System:
Ex-Banker Faces Death Penalty For Fraud

Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Believe Obama
‘Knowingly Deceived’ Public On Healthcare

Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare

Simulated attack on the US power grid planned for Wednesday — Thursday

Billionaires Received U.S. Farm Subsidies, Report Finds

Vaccine fraud exposed: Measles and mumps making a huge comeback
because vaccines are designed to fail, say Merck virologists

How Roundup Weedkiller Can Promote Cancer, New Study Reveals

It Is Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Cities All Over The United States

In Los Angeles, 50 Workers Arrested in Biggest Civil
Disobedience against Walmart -- Ever!

Organic sellout: USDA guts organic rules to protect mega-farms

Monsanto, Pioneer, Cargill, Tiger Brands: GM Maize Cartels
Gorge Profits on South Africa’s Poor

5 Essential Online Security Tips For Your Family

Government's "Gravy Train" for Lobbyists and Behind the Goldman Curtain

Genetic Roulette-The Gamble of Our Lives

Food Bank CEO: Welfare Cuts Causing “Nightmare Ripple Effect”

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima

Confessions of a RX Drug Rep

Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.2 billion for making
false marketing claims and engaging in kickbacks

Anonymous demonstrators clash with police outside Buckingham Palace

BOOM: FOX News Airs GMO Truth

GMO labeling initiative 522 seems to have failed

Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at
killing people” while discussing drone strikes

The great Spain robbery: Pensioners protest
as they watch their life savings vanish

Goldman Sachs Gives Hillary Clinton Almost Half
A Million Dollars In Less Than A Week

Monsanto & Friends Make Biggest Illegal Contribution
on Record to Stop GMO Labeling in Washington

‘Wounds of Waziristan’: Exclusive Broadcast of New Film
on Pakistanis Haunted by U.S. Drone War

National Cancer Institute report admits millions have been falsely treated for 'cancer'

More than 10,000 French protesters clash with police over ‘ecotax’

Entitlement insanity: Food stamp recruiters have monthly quota of people to enroll

Corporate Food Industry's Paid Experts Say Processed Foods Are Great!

How Monsanto and Friends Put the Frankenstein in Frankenfoods

Facebook Photo Shows Another Google Mystery Barge Off the Coast of Maine

Civil Forfeiture Highway Shakedowns in Tennessee

Bill Gates and Monsanto Bully Africa to Grow Defective Bt Maize

The Australian Aboriginal Suicide Epidemic

John Pilger's Utopia: watch the world exclusive trailer

CSIRO GMO wheat can silence human genes, causes early death

Fukushima readies for dangerous operation to remove 400 tons of spent fuel

I challenged hackers to investigate me
and what they found out is chilling

Monsanto and DuPont Spent Nearly $9 Million
to Defeat GMO Labeling in Washington

1000s Romanians protest Canada gold mine project

Secret list of food companies funding GMO-labeling opposition

Mexico Suspends GMO Corn, Effective Immediately

Los Angeles Set to Be Largest GMO-Free Zone in USA

47 Million Food Stamp Recipients Are Having
Their Benefits Cut Back On November 1st

Appalling Lack of Progress in Factory Farm Policies
Despite Increased Public Awareness

Mexico halts all GMO corn from being planted

Fuk-‘hush’-ima: Japan’s new state secrets law gags
whistleblowers, raises press freedom fears

Congress Pushes National Park Sale

Feds Order School to Ban Packed Lunches Without Doctor’s Note

Czech artist gives the finger to politicians

Monsanto denies its pesticides behind Argentine health problems

Occupy pepper-sprayer cop awarded $38K

Pope Francis will not meet with Netanyahu

Worldwide Protests Challenge Fracking Industry

Exclusive Interview with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Monsanto’s pesticides poisoning Argentina – report

What Really Happened to Native Canadians Who Protested Fracking

Billionaires Dumping Stock and Running From Wall Street

The AMA once paid a cancer virus researcher $250,000
to retire in Mexico and stop working on natural cures

McAfee Drops Obamacare Bombshell – Hackers Will Be Able
To Empty Bank Accounts Of Enrollees

Total corruption: Drug companies bought their way onto FDA advisory panels

Blackwater Mercs Face New Charges Over 2007 Iraq Massacre

Total insanity as furloughed government workers
receive DOUBLE pay during time off

GMOs, A Global Debate: South Africa, Top GMO-Producer in Africa

Syria War Pundits Exposed as Shills for the Military-Industrial Complex

UN Urged To Declare Canada's Treatment Of Aboriginals 'Genocide'

Utilities commission approves $35 monthly
fee for homes without smart meters

In the Beginning There Was Monsanto

Monsanto’s High Fructose Corn Patch – Fun for All!

Thousands of citizens in India killed by reckless Big Pharma drug trials

Hawaii, Mexico Score Legal Victories Against GMO

Are Big Banks safe? The truth about the FDIC

Monsanto And The Fight For Food Freedom

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Organized Crime
Ring That Is the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel

Nestle: Global Water Predator

Another U.S. Whistleblower Behind Bars? Investor Jailed
After Exposing Corrupt Azerbaijani Oil Deal

College Students Rescue Leftover Food, Feed the Poor

14 Caribbean nations sue Britain

Tell Nestlé To Stop Trying To Patent The Fennel Flower

The “Average” EBT User May Not Be Who You’d Expect

South Dakota's Cattle Cataclysm: Why Isn't This Horror News?

How governments crush academic dissent on topics
like GMOs, pesticides and toxicity of chemicals

Washington state battles over genetically modified food

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides take on GMO cookies

Japanese doctors ordered to cover up mass
radiation sickness across population

US companies selling customer data to NSA $300 million a year

The Oil Spill North Dakota Tried to Keep Secret

Defense Industry Shills Pressure Washington to Attack Syria

GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash

Brits Lose Control of Nuke Reactors: “Unbelievable
Seriousness of a Major Radioactive Release”

Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern
for Revealing Human Experimentation

Monsanto’s Losses Widen as Seed Sales Decline

'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C.

Monsanto & Syngenta executives will soon be
rewarded with The World Food Prize

Approved Oregon Bill ‘Prohibits Banning of GMO Crops’

Big Island of Hawaii Passes Ban On GMOs

BP stops oil spill payouts after court dispute win

Monsanto buys big data weather company to boost yields and profit

Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

USS Gerald R. Ford will cost $13Billion when finished

Colombians Successfully Revolt Against Seed Control and Agricultural Tyranny

GMO ‘Golden Rice’ Tested on Kids Without Parental Consent

From the Experimental GMO Fields of Kauai to the TPP: Connecting the Dots

Politicians Filling Coffers as Fiscal Battles Rage

Mobile Alabama: A Tar Sands Mecca in the Making

Total GMO Ban To Be Considered By Russia Within Weeks

Dow Jones and Nasdaq down sharply as US government shutdown looms

Genetically Modified Society

GMO OMG: An Introduction To The Vague World Of Genetically Modified Foods

Narcotics: Business of Western wars

Genetically Modified Society

Stunning South Carolina Ruling Supports Foreclosed Homeowners

Fuel Economy: 1908 Ford Model T - 25 MPG / 2013 EPA Average All Cars - 24.7 MPG

Congress Moves To Outlaw Alternative Media

Victory: Senate to Kill Monsanto Protection Act Amid Outrage

GlaxoSmithKline Pleads Guilty, Pays $3 Billion to Resolve
Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data

Through with flu? Universal influenza vaccine on its way

Plans to make H7N9 bird flu virus more virulent in high-security tests

Has GMO Alfalfa Already Contaminated Non-Alfalfa Fields?

National Farmers and Social Strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended

Why You Can No Longer Trust The USDA Organic Label

Congressman says "kill all whistleblowers"

Whole Foods Market whistleblower says employees
were deliberately trained to lie about GMOs

Cancer charities ripping off donors

UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC For 9-11 WTC 7 Cover Up

Canada rejects UN call for human rights review

Secret Obama-hatched trade deals TPP and TAFTA would allow Monsanto
to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Monsanto: Contamination By All Means Necessary

Rwanda’s Big Democratic ‘Experiment’

Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence in Gulf Disaster

Confirmed: Navy Yard Shooter Was On Anti-Depressant Trazodone

Nestle Water Takeover in Canada

Ecuadoran president calls for international boycott of US oil giant Chevron

The American Cancer Society is in Bed with Major Cancer Drug Makers

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs,
'food as medicine' or natural healing

The cops at Ohio State have an armored fighting vehicle now

Obama admin. starts preparations for shutdown

Media Buries Psychiatric Drug Connection to Navy Shooter

Netherlands Close Eight Prisons Due To Lack Of Criminals

CIA Begins Delivering Weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria

Corporate chemical warfare "Chemical Time Bomb"

Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

Monsanto Decimates Their Credibility

Dianne Feinstein trying to eliminate protections for alternative
media with amended 'Free Flow of Information Act'

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ quietly extended by Congress

EPA goes paramilitary, conducts armed raids with
'POLICE' jackets, checking for water quality

Scientific American goes totally pro-GMO

Monsanto, DuPont pour millions into GMO fight

The World's Biggest Mutual Fund Takes a $41 Billion Hit

Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To "Cut" Sovereign Debt Load

JPMorgan To Stop Making Student Loans

NSA ‘Routinely’ Shares Americans’ Data With Israel

Missouri House Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Control

How the news media sold the 9/11 myth - in the first hour after the attack

The Tipping Point in the Fight Against GMOs: Moms

The Largest Homeless Camp In Mainland USA Is Right In The Heart Of Silicon Valley

FDA targets free-range, pastured poultry and eggs with ridiculous
new draft guidance pushing for all chickens to be raised indoors

Study Links Roundup 'Weedkiller' To Overgrowth of Deadly Fungal Toxins

Organic Consumers Sponsors Water Tribunal in Mexico

Peru gold mining poisons natives: Study

GMOs Are Mutating Microorganisms andSpawning Deadly New Life Forms

Some of the best 9/11 research available anywhere

Income Gap Grows Wider

Illegal gold mining exposing Peru's indigenous tribes to mercury poisoning

Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To "Cut" Sovereign Debt Load

Monsanto leading super-secret 'above Congress' Obama
trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Mission Congo: how Pat Robertson raised millions
on the back of a non-existent aid project

The most censored 9/11 story

Ten things the mainstream media didn't tell you about the Seralini GM corn study

Biotech’s Next Line of Defense: Cartoons Are Used to Program Kids to Accept GMOs

Frankenflies to battle pests: Scientists plan to launch thousands of GM insects

Why is the BBC Banging the War Drum on Syria? Just Look Who Runs It

Syria crisis: US and Israel test defence missiles over Mediterranean
as House backs military intervention

Beware the Changing Face of Genetic Modification

Syria's 'Chemical Weapons' are Sodium Fluoride Used in the U.S. Water Supply

The Man Who Made $7.5 Billion and Gave Away 99% Of His Wealth

Kerry Caught Using Fake Photos, from Wrong War to Fuel Syrian War

Hungary Orders Rothschild’s IMF To Vacate The Country:
Now Issuing Debt-Free Money!

Move Over, Round-up: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs
That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide

Brzezinski: ‘Global Political Awakening’ Making Syrian War Difficult

Syngenta charged over covering up animal deaths from GM corn

Company Charged for Covering Up Animal Deaths from GMO Corn

Is Monsanto Lurking in Your Drawers?

5 companies that make money by keeping Americans scared

USDA Shuts Down 4-Year-Old's Garden


Hedge funds, insider traders begin dumping Monsanto stock
as reality of GMOs sinks in across Wall Street

'Biotech ambassadors' engaging in massive Monsanto-backed
PR operations to push GMOs into Africa

This Pharmaceutical Company Used NSA-Like Tactics
to Monitor Parents’ Concerns About Vaccines

Trans-Pacific Partnership Breaks Down Sovereignty and GMO Protections

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years

Aussies Blow Lid Off BP Gulf Oil-Corexit Deaths, 'Health Catastrophe' Cover-Up

Warren Buffett Buys More Than $500 Million in Climate-Killing Stocks

Indian Supreme Court Panel Recommends Halt To All GM Field Trials

Illegal StarLink™ GM Corn Resurfaces in Saudi Arabian Food Supply

Good news: Huge victories achieved against GMOs, Big Pharma, animal cruelty

America’s 50 Worst Charities Exposed

GMOs and the Destruction of Indian Agriculture:
Government in Collusion with the Biotech Conglomerates

World Trade Organization Forces Russia to Import GMO Seed

Florida Pharmacists Win $597 Million Blowing Whistle on Scheme

Are Drug Companies Behind a Bill Trying to Limit Your Right to Natural Medicine?

Monsanto’s SmartStax maize ‘to be approved for growth in October’ in EU

Mainstream Media Is Dead: But Alternative Media Has Never Been More Alive

France confirms it will keep the ban on GM corn

Monsanto and GMO lies revealed

$700k windfall: Russian man outwits bank with hand-written credit contract

Should You Be Able to Buy Food Directly From Farmers? The Government Doesn’t Think So

Peruvian Ministers Resign over Amazon Gas Project

Consulates and the Vatican in chaos as HSBC tells them to find another bank

Exclusive: NSA Pays £100m in Secret Funding for GCHQ

US government whitewashed economic damage of BP oil spill

How One Hacker Hijacks Planes And Ships With $35 Antenna

U.S. closes embassies, alerts Americans overseas to terrorist threats in August

Armed Agents Raid Animal Shelter for Baby Deer

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

Health Freedom Alliance » Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

U.S. welfare food shipped offshore in huge barrels to be
sold on black market in developing nations

Dutch Royal Shell Investigated For $1.3 Billion Money Laundering Scheme

Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property

GMO Re-Education: Monsanto, Dow and biotech firms
unite to launch disinformation site

New study of tribal societies reveals conflict is an alien concept

Monsanto leaves farmers ‘enslaved in a new kind of serfdom’

11-Year-Old Girl: Marry Me off? I'll Kill Myself Escaped
Child Bride Explains Why She Fled

Investigation reveals Monsanto teaming up with
US military to target GMO activists

The First GMO-Free Restaurant?

Survey: only 15% of farmers would eat GMO food

Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence After Gulf Spill

The Biggest Oil Discovery In 50 Years?

Court: Chevron Can Seize Americans' Email Data

Bulgarian MPs trapped inside parliament by protesters

GMO SHOCK!! EPA Allows 3000% increase in Food Pesticide

Turkey Jails 64 Journalists For Coverage of People's Protest

Food Sovereignty

Shale gas shell game - Another Wall Street fraud

Pepsi’s Naked Juice ‘Exposed’, $9 Mil Deceptive Marketing Lawsuit Lost

The Loss of Food Rights: How the Government Destroys Local Farms

America's 50 worst charities rake in nearly $1 billion for corporate fundraisers

Supreme Court Rules Drug Companies Exempt from
Lawsuits in 5-4 Vote: Monsanto Strategy?

Detroit and the new feudalism

BP Loses Bid to Suspend Gulf of Mexico Compensation Payouts

Pope’s visit to Brazil met with protests

Italy Moves To Ban Monsanto GMO Corn

Family Sending All Ten of Their Home-schooled
Children to College by the Age of 12

The next head of Homeland Security

The ultimate NSA interview

Feds vs. Raisins: Small Farmers Stand Up to the USDA

Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non Disclosure Agreement

The Snowden Case What You're Not Being Told

Vaccine Pioneer Doctor Admits Polio Vaccine Caused Cancer

70% of US spying in done by private contractors

Island aboriginal leaders among those furious after
experiments on underfed children come to light

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Resigns

GlaxoSmithKline Chiefs ‘Confess to Bribing Chinese Doctors’

Evidence Points to Federal Court Undermining Lawsuit Against BP

Monsanto’s Patent Appeal Rejected by Indian Government,
Saving Farmers, Food and Lives

US Military Tracks GMO Campaigners and Independent Scientists (English Exclusive)

The Sinister Monsanto Group: ‘Agent Orange’ to Genetically Modified Corn

Ag-gag in Action: National Geographic Photographer Arrested After Aerial Photos

Establishment Hero Bill Gates Sold You Out to the NSA, But That's Not All

Did US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, Pave the Way
for Monsanto’s Current Reign over the World Food Supply?

Intelligence Agency Corruption

NSA scandal delivers record numbers of internet users to DuckDuckGo

What the Media Isn't Telling You About War in Syria

Made in Haiti, Dumped in Haiti: Slave Labor and the Garment Industry

Bitcoins in Argentina

Patient wakes up in NY hospital with doctors trying
to harvest her organs for transplant profits

Bought the Movie - The hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma, and food

Bonuses Given to Bank of America Employees for Home Foreclosures

Irish people issue warning to banks by shutting down repossession auction

FDA approves first GMO Flu Vaccine containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus

72 percent of Americans believe NSA is blackmailing
judges and members of Congress

A Money-Smuggling Scandal Threatens to Sink the Vatican Bank

Iraqi Kurdistan Chief on Rare Visit to Baghdad

NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made by U.S. Citizens

Two countries offer Snowden asylum

University of Wisconsin Students Challenge NSA Recruiters on Campus

U.S. explodes with 100 anti-NSA protests

Iceland Congress puts forward bill to grant Snowden citizenship

Egypt celebrates arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader

Is Egypt Having the Biggest Protest in Human History?

GMO & Pesticide Experiments in Hawaii: The Poisoning of Paradise

Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S.
have contaminated the world's rice supply

Vatican bank director, deputy resign amid scandal

Sheriff defends free speech rights against airport official during opt out campaign

The Little Town That Roared

European Patent Office grants Monsanto patent on natural broccoli seeds, florets

Unapproved Monsanto GMO Wheat Caught Tainting an Oregon Field

USDA Was Storing Monsanto’s Unapproved GM Wheat in Seed Vault

Top MD Reveals Corruption in Health Care

Sick Pigs from GMO Foods | Interview with Jeffery Smith

Central Banks Sell Record Sums of US Debt

Abandoned America: Haunting images of the
crumbling, decaying and rusting infrastructure

How Big Pharma and GMOs Bought Your Body

40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets were set ablaze in Eastern Oregon

Genetically Modified Humans and the Consequence of Exploiting Nature

Animal-Human Chimera Embryo Experiments
To Be Given ‘OK’ By Regulatory Panel

GM food off the menu in Parliament's restaurants

Unauthorized genetically-modified flax found to have been
exported to more than 30 countries around the world

GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush!

Wealth of most Americans down 55% since recession

Connecticut Approves Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

Will Detection of Unapproved Genetically Modified
Wheat Decimate US Economy?

Nearly 3,000 people formed a chain around Bosnia's parliament,
preventing politicians from going home until they start doing their jobs

Brazil Writes Off $900mn African Debt

French president awarded UNESCO peace prize for Mali war

Repeal of Monsanto Protection Act Blocked From a Vote

Mexico Protests Monsanto With a Carnival of Corn

Food industry front groups exposed in new report:
Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi and more

IRS steals 60 million medical records from California residents

New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto
And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart

Monsanto’s Deception Game on GMO in Europe

Portland's Fluoride Journey & Victory

Inventor of Rotavirus Vaccine Wants To End
Parental Exemptions For School Vaccinations

50 Industry Groups Form a New Alliance to Manipulate Public
Opinion About Junk Food, GMOs, and Harmful Additives

Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn't Want You to
Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

Venezuela Goes for Ban on GM Seeds

Monsanto set to halt GMO push in Europe

Monsanto and GMOs Continue to Make Us Sterile While Infertility Business Booms

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

The Monsanto 71 - Sellout senators shame themselves by
siding with Monsanto on GMO labeling bill

Bilderberg, Google and the G8: New Global Tax Regime Already in the Works

World Wide March against Monsanto was widely censored by mainstream media

$6bn Sting: World’s Biggest Money-Laundering Scheme Exposed

Mahatma Gandhi’s Thoughts Make Debut In China

World Bank Insider Blows Whistle On Corruption, Federal Reserve

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's

Illinois illegally seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens

Global Protest Against Monsanto

Monsanto’s Congressional Cartel: List of Senators
Who Betrayed Constituents in Favor of Biotech Dollars

Monsanto hires infamous mercenary firm Blackwater to track activists around the world

What Goldman Sachs should admit: it drives up the cost of food

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Cites GM Food Safety Concerns

Grassroots Rising: The People's Movement Against Monsanto

Over 800 World Scientists Agree: GM Crops Are
Nothing Short Of A Bio-War On Our Food

Why Does Monsanto Need an Army of Mercenary Soldiers?

China Destroys 3 US Shipments of GM Corn

Lying Corporate Scientists

Monsanto Planting New GM Soybeans in 20 Locations Despite Recent Activism

‘Environmental genocide’: Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline

Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism

Dirty medicine

Big Soda SNAP-ing up billions off government programs

Revealed Government Documents Show Vaccine Injured
Children in Small African Village Used Like Lab Rats

Genetically modified democracy: Monsanto moves
to obliterate states' rights to label GMOs

Government Orders Youtube to Censor March
on Monsanto, D.C. & Protest Videos!

Corporate Control Mechanisms Inside The Organic Food Industry

Will You Be At The International March Against Monsanto?

New cables 'expose' US govt lobbies worldwide for Monsanto, other GMO corps

Petrol price 'rigged for a decade'

BP, Shell London headquarters raided over oil price rigging allegations

'Superwheat' that boosts crops by 30% - Cross Breeding / Non-GMO

Mexico - Ground Zero in the Fight Against Monsanto for the Future of Maize

Long-term unemployed pushed to margins

Half of US Foster Care Children are Drugged

'Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves The Drug War Is A Joke'

US, UK, Australian Authorities Announce Major
Investigations into Billion Dollar Offshore Hideaways

British military amasses 500 drones

Hawking snubs Israeli conference to back Palestinians

Busted! CNN Anchors Fake a "Satellite Interview" in the Same Parking Lot -vid

Hawaii rallies to 'Evict Monsanto'

March against Monsanto taking place everywhere May 25

Billionaire Bankster Breaks Into Obama's Cabinet

The Corporation Manipulation Model of Food

Death of Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed
Americans Is At A Record Low

Starbucks bans Press TV website but allows porn: Analyst

RED ALERT: EU Wants To Regulate Cultivation Of ALL
Fruits And Vegetables (Even In Private Gardens)

Bolivian President Evo Morales expels USAID

First “Ag-Gag” Prosecution: Filming a Slaughterhouse From the Street

JPMorgan's Eligible Gold Plummets 65% In 24 Hours To All Time Low

Obama administration openly pushing food stamps to illegals

Boston Commissioner Gets His Lines WRONG!

The next shoe to drop: Internet sales tax to become reality

UK bars Shell from paying Iran debt

Who Is Trying To Patent Marijuana?

Exposed: Monsanto’s Mission To Pharmaceutically “Enhance” GMO Foods

Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater

Sacred Native American artifacts are set
to be auctioned in France despite protests

Bitcoin exchange Bitfloor shuts down

Federal Reserve Refuses to Submit to an Audit
of Germany’s Gold Held in U.S. Vaults

Obama Quietly Passed Law Making Insider
Trading Easier for US Politicians

GM meat and fish set to go on sale

Pennsylvania Court Deals Blow to Fracking Industry

Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water

Rothschild to Pull Out of Gold Market After 200 Years

Big banks 'more dangerous than ever', IMF's Christine Lagarde says

Faux Corporate Directors Stand in for Fraudsters, Despots and Spies

Japanese Bank Governor Makes History with Monetary Blitz

Lawmakers Rush To Outlaw Undercover Farm Videos

How Big Pharma Gets You to Think a Drug is Safe

IRS: We can read emails without warrant

How Thatcher helped Pol Pot

Engineered Apples Near Approval

What Every Parent Should Know About Monsanto

BioTech Lies Exposed: Genetically Modified Corn is Loaded with Chemical Poisons

The Grocery Store Blacklist: 12 Food Companies to Avoid

Appeal from Survivors of Canadian Genocide

Big Pharma made $711 bln overcharging seniors and disabled

A rare look at Big Pharma fraud

Monsanto Protection Act put GM companies above the federal courts

Argentina—A Poster Child for the Health Hazards of GMO Crops

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact

Biggest-ever financial leak with global ripples

'Deceitful' Big Pharma accused of putting lives at risk

Indian Court Makes Landmark Drug Patent Decision

Judge Rules In Favor Of Banks In Massive Libor Lawsuit

FAA Issues No-Fly Zone Over Exxon Pipeline Spill

Obama's EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations

US law says no ‘oil’ spilled in Arkansas, exempting Exxon from cleanup dues

List Released With 132 Names Who Pulled Cyprus
Deposits Ahead Of "Confiscation Day"

Texas demands its physical gold reserves be returned by the Fed

Organic rice farmer in India yields over 22 tons of crop
on only two acres, proving the fraud of GMOs and Big Ag

Monsanto Protection Act Authored by: Monsanto!

Spanish princess to face court in corruption inquiry

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one
thing in common... and it's not guns

Cyprus Parliament President Says "No Future"
Under Troika, Calls For "Iceland" Solution

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media

Ex-CNN Reporter, Amber Lyon: I Received Orders
to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

Big Pharma Criminality no Longer a Conspiracy Theory:
Bribery, Fraud, Price Fixing now a matter of public record

The ‘BRIIICS’ are coming!

Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21

You Don't "Own" Your Own Genes

U.N. Small Arms Treaty Enters Eleventh Hour

Surprised? Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act

India goes bananas for GM fruit

This Is What Happens When A Journalist Forces A Banker To Actually Answer

Domestic workers to get equal rights in Brazil

Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, Its First in 4 Years

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

IT'S OFFICIAL: Banks In Europe May Now Seize
Deposits To Cover Their Gambling Losses

Senate Passes Monsanto Protection Act
Granting Monsanto Power Over US Govt

Cypriot president 'warned his friends to move
money abroad' before financial crisis hit

Wireless Industry's Patented System to Reduce Cancer Risk
from Wireless Local Networks - Never Adopted

Hawaii Senate Committees Hear Then Kill GMO Labeling Bill

Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Measure Passes Senate

Alert: Monsanto Rider Slips Through Senate, Hour Glass Running

Big Pharma’s Strategy to Create Customers Not Cures

The Other Thing JPMorgan Was Doing in Its Chief Investment Office:
Profiting On the Death of Employees

New Legislation Would Push Genetically Modified Foods Onto Our Plates

Obama 'ethics panel' gives thumbs up to testing
anthrax vaccines on American babies

National planning Cyprus-style solution for New Zealand

Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings

Ex-Chancellor Warns of Bank Runs Across Europe

Syria: Opposition Elects Interim Prime Minister

There WAS a recount on the Prop 37 vote (GMO), and it was stopped cold

Australian Government Set to Seize Money from Citizens Bank Accounts

Euro Crisis Spreads As Cyprus Parliament Holds Bailout Session

Telecoms Firm Hails ‘Significant Victory’ as Judge Blocks FBI’s Data Demands

Follow the Money: Transocean and the Gulf Oil Spill

Terror in Central Asia: NATO's Great Game

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto
Power Over US Government

25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers and suicides

GMO Food - Biggest Lie & Scary

Now New Zealanders Take Banks to Court Over Fees

Government ammunition stockpiling story breaks through
media censorship and goes mainstream

Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11

GMO A Go Go - Truth about GMOs explained in new animated cartoon

No limits to bank criminality

Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute

Malaysia Invaded -- Hundreds of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute

Millions Left Without Money as RBS Systems Crash

Belgian Finance Minister Quits Over Banking Dispute

Slovenia’s Troubled Government Ousted

Sea Shepherd conservation group declared 'pirates' in US court ruling

UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts' by priests

Greek Former Mayor Gets Life for Embezzlement

Blackwater in Greece: Fears of Coup as Mercenaries
Drafted for Guarding Govt, Overseeing Police

Land grab cheats North Dakota tribes out of $1 billion, suits allege

Obama officials refuse to say if assassination power extends to US soil

Drug Overdose Deaths up for 11th Consecutive Year

Monsanto, the court and the seeds of dissent

Farmer Challenges Monsanto Seed Patent in Supreme Court

Verdict and Sentence - Genocide in Canada by Church & State

The Tyranny of Soy Agribusiness in Paraguay

Too much power in too few hands: Food giants take over the industry

Monsanto further unveils its true evil nature by
signing on to UN Agenda 21 'sustainability' scam

China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission

Monsanto Hid PCB Pollution for Decades

CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news

U.S. Gives Haiti the Gift of Prisons

Bulgarian government resigns amid growing protests

Greece is being hit by the first general strike of 2013

New Times Square Billboards for the media
"Start Telling the Truth - STOP Censoring the News"

The Vatican: Don´t Bank on It - A multi-decade financial scandal factory

U.N. Launches Drone Investigation Into Legality Of U.S. Program

Monsanto pushes for complete domination of agriculture industry

The ‘One Billion Rising’ on the Streets of Delhi

Mexican small farmers stand against Monsanto’s GM corn conquest

MSNBC Documentary on Selling the Iraqi War

Paris metro workers sue over electromagnetic emissions

DOE Submits Plan to Recycle Radioactive Waste into Consumer Goods

Catholic cardinal stripped of duties as LA diocese child abuse files released

Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges in report

Veterans Administration again accused of covering
up the causes of ‘Gulf War Syndrome’

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from
Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23

Pope accused of crimes against humanity

The Queen's finances to be investigated by powerful Westminster committee

Bill Gates Dodges Questions on Why He Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto

US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan

A sign from above? Lightning strikes Vatican hours after Pope's shock resignation

Justice for genocide in Guatemala?

JSOC: Obama's secret assassins

Pope Benedict XVI, citing deteriorating strength, will step aside Feb. 28

Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group
on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

BP hit by new $34bn Deepwater Horizon claim

Memo justifies drone kills even with patchy intelligence

Canadian natives and anti-nuclear activists halt train

UK Chancellor Says Banking System Must Be ‘Re-Set’

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

FBI Arrests Malcolm X’s Grandson En Route to Iran

Health Care’s Trick Coin

Biotech Firms, Billions at Risk, Lobby States to Limit Generics

Monsanto Infiltrates World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Rokkasho’s Potential To Contaminate Could Rival Fukushima Daiichi

Wall Street Untouchables

BACKFIRE: Seattle Gun Buyback Turns Into Gun Show

States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism
to report animal abuses at factory farms

Fluoridegate – the film that will absolutely obliterate
any remaining credibility of chemical fluoride pushers

Wall Street's Top Cop Turns in His Badge

Amid a Shake-Up, JPMorgan’s Risk Officer Takes a Leave

IMF Confirms Yuan a Global Reserve Currency

Queen Beatrix's abdication: too 'typically Dutch' for the Windsors?

Belgian MP Exposes War on Terror Lie and 9/11 False Flag

40+ Years of Nuke Media Manipulation

New York's U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules MERS's Business Model Is Illegal

How Free Speech Died on Campus

11 EU nations to plan tax on financial transactions

The Untouchables: How the Obama administration
protected Wall Street from prosecutions

Fiscal Footnote: Big Senate Gift to Drug Maker

U.S. military suicides exceed combat deaths

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s Victoria Island enclave ‘a little tense’

Aboriginal groups protest at border crossing, highways
across Canada in treaty rights dispute

'Canada covers up aboriginal killings'

Germany gold: Central bank to bring home some reserves

The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado
of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals

Monsanto Releases GM Corn Data

Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint

Secrecy of Memo on Drone Killing Is Upheld

Vatican Goes ‘Cash Only’ Because of Lack of Money-Laundering Controls

Pakistan supreme court orders arrest of prime minister on corruption charges

Texas Congressman Threatens Obama With Impeachment
If He Uses Exec. Orders on Guns

France Could Be Next European Economic Disaster

Idle No More: Indigenous Uprising Sweeps North America

China Mysteriously Quadruples Rice Imports, Continues to Stockpile Commodities

Canada chief warns of native retaliation

Root canals, cockroaches are more popular than the US Congress

The World According to Monsanto

Euros discarded as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering

The four business gangs that run the US

The Massive Power of the Alternative Media

Human Genes Engineered Into Experimental GMO Rice Being Grown in Kansas

Next Prop 37? New Mexico Law Calls for Mandatory Labeling of GMOs

65 Percent Of Americans Believe That 2013 Will Be A Year Of Economic Difficulty

Poland bans cultivation of GM maize, potatoes

Top 25 Censored News tories of 2012

Canada Takes Unprecedented Step Towards A Cashless Society

US, France deploy troops to Central African Republic

Libor Scandal Grows as the Fathers of Two Mass Murderers Were to Testify

Wall Street Is Bracing for the Dodd-Frank Rules to Kick In

Federal court says free speech protection applies to
Big Pharma drugs, but not nutritional supplements

Chinese leader has amassed £2.7 BILLION

The great California tax hoax: $577 billion
in hidden assets never revealed to voters

Canada Clears $15 Billion Chinese Takeover of an Energy Company

Goldman to Pay $1.5 Million for Failing to Supervise Trader

Monsanto to get immunity from federal laws?

School District Owes $1 Billion On $100 Million Loan

Californians could face ‘double taxation’ with state, federal carbon taxes

20,000 People a Year Die From Effects of Fossil Fuel Generation

Costa Rica now battling Monsanto over GMO corn

Proof That Fox TV Lets Monsanto Control News Story

Biotech industry wants organic farmers to pay for
GMO contamination of their own crops

There's No Stopping Drones Now

'Shadow Banking' Still Thrives, System Hits $67 Trillion

Pentagon Outsources War on Drugs to Blackwater

Supreme Court Inaction Boosts Right To Record Police Officers

HSBC Investigation: clients of Britain's biggest bank exposed

BP faces largest fine in US history over Gulf oil spill

Argentina Court Freezes Chevron’s Assets: Penalty for Polluting the Amazon in Ecuador

FEMA Stops People From Sending Donated Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Products Themselves

Texas NDAA Nullification Bill Includes Criminal Charges for Federal Agents

Irish homeowners sue banks for 250 Million and counting

Portuguese Army Marches Against Austerity

Fiscal Cliff Worries Drive Gold to $1,731

Lies, Dirty Tricks and $45 Million Kill GMO Labeling in California

Montana Quietly Passed a Measure That Says Corporations Aren't Humans

2012 US Elections - The People Have Spoken: No Confidence

Tanzania: State Not Ready for GMOs

Nullification Victories!

Dark Money: The Rise of Outside Spending in 2012

One month until they regulate the Internet

Biotech Nightmare – GMO Jumping Genes

Military To Run Elections In New Jersey

9 more banks under scrutiny in Libor investigation

Royal Bank subpoenaed in LIBOR probe

43 TRILLION dollar suit against U.S. govt.

Brazilian Tribe Threatens Mass Suicide Over Stolen Land

U.S. sues Bank of America over "Hustle" mortgage fraud

Six largest pesticide corporations funding effort
to try to defeat GMO labeling Proposition 37

India prepares to kick Monsanto to the curb

Anti-GMO Fight Gets Dirty

Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts

Citigroup profits plunge after MSSB stake writedown

Shale Gas Shell Game - Another Wall Street Fraud

Philippines and Muslim rebels sign key peace plan

The Video Monsanto Does NOT Want You to See!

3 Tours in Afghanistan, one in Iraq, Sergeant Deserts

‘Biofarms’ to Integrate Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals
into GMO ‘Biopharmaceutical’ Crops

College Debt Crisis Growing

France to Tax Ultra Rich at 75% Tax Rate

Major Banks Hit with Biggest Cyberattacks in History

South African Banks Must Pay Out Big Time

Guinea to See $2.1 Billion of Its Debt Cancelled

Australians suddenly richer as statistician "finds" $338 billion

Tobacco giant Philip Morris plans plant flu vaccine for China

Romney's first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel Monsanto

Russia Halts Imports of Monsanto Corn over Cancer Fears

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

CorpGov Lied: Chem-Sprayed Civilians in the 1960s

Richest 400 Americans get richer


Lehman Bros Liable for the Millions Australian Councils Lost

Largest naval military buildup the world has ever seen

How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World

Internet giants unite to lobby Congress

Russia’s Massive Diamond Discovery

France Maintains Key Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize Crops

Dow Chemicals seeks approval for new genetically modified seeds
that present worse threat than Monsanto's Roundup

Obama appeals NDAA indefinite detention ban


Congress Smacks Down TSA

Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations
Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops

Jet fuel cannot melt steel or iron

Global help urged to avert reactor 4 pool fire

Hungary Throws Out Monsanto AND The IMF

Chinese children used in US-backed GE food trial

Update On $80 Million in Seized Gold Coins:
Judge Rules They “Belong to the U.S. Government”

Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill

77 Percent Of All Americans Live Paycheck
To Paycheck At Least Part Of The Time

Corrupt Indian Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion in Food from Starving Poor

A New Run On The Banks? Spaniards Pulling Cash Out At Record Rates

China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency

The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%

BRICS members mull future of the US dollar

Amazon tribe massacre alleged in Venezuela

AIDS-Like Disease Mysteriously Appears Where Merck Conducted Vaccine Trials

Asian cities to become top finance centres by 2022 - survey

FCC Launching Huge Internet Tax

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

Several Arrests in Vietnam, Major Bank Faces Run As a Result

1 in 5 Americans cannot afford to buy food: Poll

Billionaires Soros, Paulson Bet Big on Gold

More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least
Partially Dependent On The Government

Goldman to Clients: Get Out of Stocks Before Fiscal Cliff Hits

Facebook court ruling: What you share on Facebook is admissible as evidence

Assange Faces Long Stay in Ecuador’s London Embassy

Lord Rothschild Betting On Euro Collapse?

Fake Eco-Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street
Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG

Eli Lilly admits to more than $200 million dollars worth of doctor payoffs

Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse

US Regulators Summon 7 UK Banks in Ever-Expanding Libor Inquiry

UK City Launches New Currency

Woman fined $600-a-day for feeding the poor in Philly

Soros Exits Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Adds To Gold Position

DHS Classifies New Ammo Purchases Following Controversy

Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets

Goldman Sachs Off the Hook - Not Enough Evidence: DOJ

Pyramids of Waste AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy
Planned obsolescence documentary

Surveillance Cameras Turned Off During Sikh Temple Shooting

Obama's secret order to aid Syrian rebels

Biotech Giants Are Bankrolling a GMO Free-for-All

U.S. Freezes All Nuclear Reactor Construction & Operating Licenses

JUSTICE - Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt
Down The Bankers That Wrecked It's Economy

The Revolving Door Keeps Spinning: Former
Lockheed VP Given Prime Capitol Hill Post

Sikh Temple Shooter Was In Army Psychological Operations

Spain And Italy Are Toast Unless Germany Allows The ECB To Print Trillions Of Euros

Report: Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles to Cuba

Khamenei Warns Iran's Top Leaders: WAR IN WEEKS

Doctor & Medical University: Planning to Profit from Fukushima Tragedy?

Why Does Monsanto Always Win?

US Drone Pilot: 'I Feel No Emotional Attachment'

The Bank of England told us to do it, claims Barclays

Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals

NYPD 'consistently violated basic rights' during Occupy protests – study

Jaw-Dropping Corruption: America's 47 Million Hungry
Mouths Are Just Another Corporate Cash Cow

Are Fiat Currencies Headed for a Collapse?

GMO wars - Monsanto suing DuPont to see who will dominate the world's food supply

Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrests

The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News
Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials

Derivatives: The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks

Tax havens: Super-rich 'hiding' at least $21tn

Libor: They all knew – and no one acted

Prosecutors investigate Vatican Bank mafia link

Bolton to Israel: Time to Finally 'Retaliate' Against Iran

SOUTH AFRICA - New Economic RIghts Alliance: We Are Suing the Banks!


Scandal At The IMF: Senior Economist Resigns,
Says "Ashamed To Have Had Any Association With Fund At All"

GlaxoSmithKline to buy Human Genome for $3bn

TSA approved flight lessons for illegal aliens

Brave New Bank? BRICS moot dropping dollar, IMF

BRICS to change world economy

Clear Evidence FDA Officials Have ZERO
Interest In Protecting The American Public

Landmark Family Farmers Lawsuit Against Monsanto Grows

Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down
The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy

Canada's New Money Melting

“The Largest Protest the World has ever Seen” in Mexico

Libor Scandal Reflects A Cesspool Of Financial Fraud

Wells Fargo Fined $175M Over Discrimination Claims

Man jailed for home Bible study

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

'Spain is rising up!' Raging miners invade Madrid

San Bernardino Bankruptcy: Third CA City In Less
Than Two Weeks To Seek Bankruptcy Protection

Wall Street banks angling for Dodd-Frank loophole

Libor scandal: How I manipulated the bank borrowing rate

Barack Obama’s Brother to Make Film Debut in Anti-Obama Documentary

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies
About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?

JPMorgan Complicit In Vatican Bank Money-Laundering

What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Hero's Bee Hives?

Gates and Monsanto Go After Milk

Criminal Conspiracy case against the Vatican and
Crown of England launched June 29, 2012

Barclays Libor Fine Sends Stocks Lower as Probes Widen

Merck vaccine fraud exposed

Monsanto's seedy legacy

TSA spills Grandpa's ashes and laughs

U.S. family jailed for Holder's gun crimes

15 of the Worlds Largest Banks have been rocked by credit score downgrades

President ousted, Paraguay in turmoil

Proof Armed Forces are Given Untested and Experimental Vaccines

Mexico and Canada Invited to Join the Secret TPP Negotiations

US Court Documents Claim Sinaloa “Cartel” Is Protected by US Government

Monsanto Blocking Research on GMO Safety

Busted: Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over
Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

Proposed international trade rules would give
corporations the power to overrule governments

Former Icelandic bank execs jailed for fraud

Law enforcement: Arrest officials hiding CAFR tax surplus billions, trillions

Five Million Brazilian Farmers Take on Monsanto and Win $2 Billion

US Congressmen demand justification for drone strikes

SOPA opponents unveil ‘Digital Bill of Rights’

Berkshares Local Currency

Indiana Legalizes Shooting Cops For Unlawful Intrusion

North Dakota may eliminate all property taxes, restore
real family ownership of land and homes

Obama accelerates preparations for limited air strikes, no-fly zones in Syria

US troops imitate invasion of Iran with Arab allies

China 'closes Tibet to foreign visitors'

DOJ gunrunning busted on wiretaps

US Military Suicides Hit Highest Level Since War Began

Chevron-Ecuador Fight Comes to Canada

Plantations, Prisons and Profits

Monsanto Facilities Round the World

Today We Grow Enough Food to Feed 10 Billion People

Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'

US Factory Orders Post Surprise Fall in April

5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion

Seeds of doubt: Brazilian farmers sue Monsanto

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

Japan unveils first new mobile phone with inbuilt radiation detector

Time for dollar, euro to step aside — the redback cometh

Government Defies Federal Judge on NDAA

Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before
USDA approved it, federal agency knew all along

UN Creates New, More Powerful Global Environmental Agency

IMF chief: It’s “payback time” for Greek workers

US Senator Rand Paul offers surprise amendment to rein in FDA abuses

BP busted in LIE, US media won't cover story

Short Video Clips Reveal Deep Truths About Our World

Mass dolphin deaths in Peru caused by acoustic trauma

“No NATO, No War”: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Return War Medals at NATO Summit

Senate Banking Chair Calls Jamie Dimon to Testify:
But JP Morgan Chase is His Biggest Contributor!

Tokyo Sky Tree takes root as world's second-tallest structure

'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA

Iraq, Afghanistan vets to hand back medals at NATO summit

What Do GMO Seeds Have to Do With Bee Die-Offs in the Corn Belt?

Evidence Obama Born In Kenya Goes Beyond 1991 Brochure

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet

Military War Dogs Being Euthanized Considered
as ‘Equipment’ While Congress Stalls

10 Things You Didn't Know About Drones

Guatemala - An American Genocide - September 1999

Fukushima - 6 in 10 Fukushima children tested have diabetes

Obama Now Claims The Power To Freeze Your Assets
If You Oppose The New Government In Yemen

Russian anti-terror exercises on American soil

Geithner's NY FED BAnk Told AIG to Withhold Info

JPMorgan executive Ina Drew retires in $2 billion blunder fallout

Fukushima Daiichi: Inside the debacle

One year on, Spain's 'indignants' take to streets

Vaccine exemptions under attack in healthiest state

Bank of America Reaches Deal on Housing

The FDA Doesn't Regulate the Word "Natural"

Dead Dolphins and Birds Are Causing Alarm in Peru

Rare white buffalo killed at Texas ranch

Meet the New Boss: French President is Another Bilderberg Stooge

Senate Bill 2109 Seeks to Extinguish Navajo and Hopi Water Rights

Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas

Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End the TSA

Letter Shows Monsanto Planted GMOs Before USDA Approval

Report: Apple legally sidesteps billions in taxes

95 Percent Of The Jobs Lost During The Recession Were Middle Class Jobs

The Woman Who Started The Local Food Movement

The Generous Garden

With an asterisk, WTC is back on top in NYC

Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November (Owned by Soros!)

These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy

Sneak Attack by Pesticide Makers on Clean Water Pushed Via Farm Bill

Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story

British Petroleum engineer arrested over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

53 Percent Of All Young College Graduates In
America Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed

Europe: Things fall apart

Spain Temporarily Seals Border To Keep Out Anti-EU Protesters

Dutch Government Resigns Over Budget Crisis

Vermont Legislature Calls for a Constitutional Amendment
to End Corporate Personhood and Doctrine of Money as Speech

Thousands of Peasant Farmers 'Reclaim'
the Land with Honduras Occupations

Four dollars for a gallon of water?

Community Radio Poised for a Big Comeback
as Activists Free the Airwaves

Johnson & Johnson slapped with $1.2 billion penalty
using fraudulent tactics to sell Risperdal

Deaths of 3,000 dolphins blamed on sonar
blasts from oil firms exploring sea bed

Michigan government unleashes armed raids on
small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs

Seattle Creating Massive Edible Forest Filled with Free Food

Activists Aim To Crush Internet Censorship Bill

Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population

Current Tax Code: 24 Shocking Facts About Taxes In The United States

Royal Canadian Mint to create digital currency

Syrian Journalist: CNN, Al-Jazeera falsifying events in Syria

Students Refuse To Become Debt Slaves

Explosive: Monsanto 'Knowingly Poisoned Workers' Causing Devastating Birth Defects

Open University signs up 1 million subscribers on iTunes U

Follow the Money: BPA Makers to Gross $8 Billion
Thanks to FDA Rejecting Ban

Backlash over plans to monitor all internet use

North Korea 'preparing to unveil missile capable of striking continental US'

US draws up plans for nuclear drones

Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back From The New York Fed

Myanmar Will Unleash Its Currency

Visa and MasterCard warn of credit card data breach

CNN Loses Half Its Viewers: Corporate Media Downhill
Plunge Continues As Alternative Media Explodes

Violence on Spain's streets sparks slip in U.S. stock futures
as thousands clash with police in 24-hour general strike

FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

US Debt Ceiling D-Day: September 14, 2012

Pennsylvania law may keep doctors from telling
patients about dangers of fracking chemicals

Finland's revolutionary education system

Latest Fukushima probe appalls experts

Corporations pay less in taxes than Buffett, Romney

World Bank Nominee Tied to Monsanto Shareholder Bill Gates, Soros

CFTC Obstruction of Justice Exposed - Euro Fraud is JP Morgan Fraud

Exposed - "Enlist" Dow Chemical Being introduced this year!

Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

MF Global Still Set to Pay Bonuses

'Pink Slime' Beef Manufacturer Suspends
Production At 3 Of 4 Plants Amid Outcry



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