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Last updated February 21, 2018

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

NEW Caught on camera: the birth of a supernova

NASA's New Spacesuit Has a Built-In Toilet

Skylab's Remains

NASA is keeping tabs on Elon Musk's Tesla roadster

NASA's 'Quiet Supersonic' Plane Could Change Airports Forever

Solving the riddle at a nebula's heart

Farthest photos ever taken -- 4 billion miles away

Astronomers Detect a Swarm of Tiny Objects Orbiting an Alien Sun

No, Space X's Falcon Heavy Has Not Passed Mars Already

SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket

Ancient stars clue to dark matter speed

See Gorgeous Pics of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon Eclipse

Infrared Venus

This week's blue moon will be copper

Four Chinese Students Spent 200 Days Pretending to Live on the Moon

Giant 'Fireball' Meteor Terrifies Detroit

Super blue moon to coincide with lunar eclipse for 1st time in 150 years

As SpaceX and Boeing Jockey to Land on Mars,
Other Companies Eye Lunar Exploration

Is This the perfect spot for a lunar colony?

EarthSky's 2018 meteor shower guide

Scientists discover huge water reserves all over Mars

Virgin Galactic will send tourists into space within MONTHS

Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars

This Year, We'll See a Black Hole for the First Time in History

SpaceX and Boeing Will Begin Commercial Crew Test Launches This Year

NASA detects strange electric-blue clouds over Antarctica

Astronomers meet amid questions about the status of NASA flagship missions

In 2017, the US Led the World in Successful Orbital Launches

Secretive SpaceX mission slips, may delay Falcon Heavy debut

Best Astronomical Highlights of 2018

China mission to boldly go step further: Land on far side of moon

A Remarkable Timelapse of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is Vertical on the Launchpad for the First Time

A 'Wolf Moon' will light up the sky on the first night of 2018

Cassini captures stunning shot of Enceladus spewing water ice
from its underground 'alien ocean' in front of Saturn's giant rings

Moon's Supersonic Shadow Created Waves During the Solar Eclipse

NASA Is Planning the First-Ever Interstellar Mission

NASA Released More than 2,500 Images of Mars

NASA Is Considering Sending a "Dragonfly" Drone to an Alien World

Why astronomers are ecstatic about colliding neutron stars

First Look at SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, the Reusable Rocket

Space Billionaire Battle Heats; Bezos Plans Manned Launch

Oort Cloud Myth Continues to Crumble

Start watching for Ursid meteors

SpaceX Just Launched A Completely Recycled
Spacecraft For the First Time in History

SpaceX Is Leading the Rise of an Entirely New Industry

Black Holes Behaving Badly

NASA Discovery Proves That Solar Systems Like Our Own Exist

10 tips for watching the Geminids

Out of this world: ISS astronaut captures
stunning images of meteorite above Mexico

Metal asteroid Psyche is all set for an early visit from NASA

The International Space Station is swarming with bacteria

Voyager 1 Just Fired Its Thrusters for the First Time in 37 Years

Experts Say Some Organisms Thrive in Martian Soil

A Probe Detected a Mysterious Signal That Physics Can't Explain

Stunning 'Farewell to Saturn' mosaic created
from Cassini's final views of the planet

A galaxy as you've never seen it

The UAE Released a VR Tour of the First City on Mars

Experts Say Some Organisms Thrive in Martian Soil

Space dust may transport life between worlds

Neutrino absorption spotted in Antarctic

Leonids set to light up the sky

Russia approves plan to start mining the moon

Astronomers complete first international asteroid tracking exercise

SpaceX Keeps Lining Up Covert Military Launches

Chandra Telescope Shows Invisible Universe: All Stars Are Connected

Nasa's watery graveyard in the South Pacific

A supercomputer simulation shows details of a violent neutron-star merger

NASA spots 7,000mph whirlpool on sun

Colonize or Become Extinct: Is There Any
Real Rationale for Colonizing Another World?

A supercomputer simulation reveals the beauty of an exploding star

The history of astronomy

RIP, Laika: Pioneering Space Dog Launched 60 Years Ago Today

Mars Anomalies

MIT Has a Radical New Design for a Martian City

Astronomers capture a stunning image of the first
ever 'alien' comet to pass through our solar system

How Extremely Large Telescopes will reveal exoplanets

Scientists Peek Across the Galaxy to the "Dark Side" of the Milky Way

How a new era of astronomy will ride on gravitational waves

SpaceX designs smaller rocket in continued effort to put humans on Mars

Hubble Discovery Suggests We May Need
New Physics to Explain Dark Matter

9 Awe Inspiring And Up Close Pictures Of Saturn

Astronomers measure Milky Way using radio waves

New evidence for the mysterious Planet Nine

Virgin Galactic Will "Be in Space in About Four Months"

Scientists Want Us to Live in Lava Tubes on the Moon

Bus-sized Asteroid heading for Earth after string of near-misses

TONIGHT: Uranus Visible To Naked Eye

A blue bubble in space

Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of moon

Two stars crash into each other, wobbling the
universe and flinging out huge amounts of gold

Out of control Chinese space station about to fall to Earth

Asteroid that buzzed Earth MAY NOT MISS on return visit

A European Astronomical Observatory is
Announcing an "Unprecedented Discovery"

Water found near Martian equator

SpaceX Just Launched Their 14th Falcon 9 Rocket of 2017

The Largest Meteor Shower Of The Year - 'King Of Meteor Showers'

It Turns Out That Our Moon Once Had an Atmosphere

Blue Origin Announces They'll Take Tourists to Space by April 2019

Scientists Just Found Water on Mars Where They Thought None Could Exist

The Next Giant Leap: US Will Return to the Moon, Pence Says

Are Earthworms Tough Enough for Mars?

7 Fun Things To Know About This Week's Harvest Moon

The Nobel Prize Was Just Awarded for the Discovery Of "Ripples" in Spacetime

Unexpected Surprise: A Final Image from Rosetta

Scientists Detect New Gravitational Waves from a Black Hole Collision

The U.S. And Russia Plan To "Build" A Moon Base Together

The '60s Soviet Satellite That Crashed Into Wisconsin

Elon Musk is Officially Sending Humans to Mars in 2024

NASA gives sneak peek of its bold mission 'to touch the sun'

New Research Suggests Cosmic Rays Hail From Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way

This Ultrathin Craft Could Soon Envelop and Destroy Space Junk

OSIRIS-REx: NASA's Asteroid Sample-Return Mission in Pictures

It's Official: Cassini Just Completed Its Death Dive Into Saturn

Cassini's final Saturn plunge approaches

The Sun flares up

SpaceX Just Launched Its "Secret Mission" for the U.S. Air Force

Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade

Astronomers catch black hole shrouded in molecular cloud

Asteroid Florence Has Two Small Moons, NASA Radar Reveals

Newly Discovered Black Hole May Be the First of Its Kind Ever Detected

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Has Completed Its Final First Stage Core Tests

Cassini's final Saturn plunge approaches

Harvey Response: NASA Lends Space-Based Eyes to Recovery

Astronomers detect 15 high-frequency 'fast radio bursts' from distant galaxy

Scientists Just Found the First Evidence That
the Trappist-1 System Might Contain Water

Scientists Just Discovered Molecules that Could Tell us the Origins of Our Galaxy

NASA's InSight Mars Lander to Investigate Inside the Red Planet

Elon Musk Just Shared the First Photo of SpaceX's Space Suits

12 Unique Photos of The Eclipse You Really Need to See

Large Near-Earth Asteroid Will Pass Earth by This September

The Camera That Will Transform Our Understanding of the Universe

We Flew a Plane to Go See the Solar Eclipse

Nasa plans to make oxygen from atmosphere on Mars

Solar eclipse by zip code: Find out if you live in the path

How Edmond Halley Kicked Off the Golden Age of Eclipse Mapping

Sky-High Solar Eclipse? Here's What You Might See from an Airplane

The Unique Science Experiments Planned for the Eclipse

China Just Used a Quantum Satellite to Send Data from Space to Earth

Nasa to wake up New Horizons spacecraft for voyage into mysterious Third Zone

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See It

Voyager spacecraft still reaching for the stars and setting records after 40 years

New NASA Visualization Shows Where This Month's Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible

Hubble Detects Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere

See How SpaceX Plans to Launch the Falcon Heavy This November

This Is What the Sun's Outer Atmosphere Will Look Like During the Solar Eclipse

Saturn moon Titan has chemical that could form bio-like 'membranes' says NASA

The UAE Will Launch Its First Mission to Mars in 2021

We May Have Just Found the First Moon Outside Our Solar System

How to see the 2017 Delta Aquariid meteor shower

Get Ready! The Brightest Meteor Shower In
The Recorded Human History Is Happening

Google's new program to track shoppers sparks a federal privacy complaint

The Falcon Heavy Maiden Launch Will be in November, Elon Musk Announced

NASA Jets to Chase Solar Eclipse

Upcoming Solar Eclipse Is a Chance to Prove Einstein Right

NASA's Megarocket Reaches Another Milestone, Aces 3rd Test

Source of Weird! Signal From Nearby Star Finally Confirmed

Elon Musk Fuels Speculation With Cryptic Clue About New Vehicle

This 9-Gigapixel image of 84 MILLION stars
of the Milky Way will give you Goosebumps

Moon Interior Could Contain LOTS of Water

How to see the 2017 Perseid meteor shower

Star window provides rare view of solar system's distant fringe

Solar Eclipse Day Craziness Could Resemble the
Zombie Apocalypse — Are You Ready?

Weird Radio Signals Detected from Nearby Red Dwarf Star

NASA analyzing eerie whistling sounds coming from space

We're Sending Another Probe to Mercury
to Work Out Why The Planet's Shrinking

And Now, a Weather Report From Mars

See the Great Red Spot up close

First mission to Mars: Mariner 4's special place in history

Hubble spots a barred lynx spiral

A total solar eclipse will sweep the width of the U.S. for the first time in 99 years

Weird Orbits Suggest Solar System May Harbor Another Hidden Planet

Neptune's Boomerang Moon With Eccentric Trajectory

NASA Just Announced They Can't Afford to Get Humans to Mars

Researchers Have Just Discovered The Tiniest Star Known to Science

Moon Express announces plans to build lunar outpost by 2020

75,000-mile-wide hole appears on sun

NASA spacecraft to fly over Jupiter's Great Red Spot

SpaceX Just Successfully Launched the Third Falcon 9 in Less Than Two Weeks

Branson Targets Space Next Year as VIRGIN Begins Powered Tests

Lunar robots put to the test on Sicily's Mount Etna

After 1,000 Days in Orbit, Here Are the 10
Most Remarkable Things MAVEN Taught Us

How big are the planets?

NASA: AI Will Lead the Future of Space Exploration

SpaceX is Gearing Up for Historic "Double-Header" Launches This Weekend

Massive dead disk galaxy challenges theories of galaxy evolution

US National Parks Prepare for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

European Space Agency approves search for habitable planets

Jupiter is the most ancient planet in the solar system

Elon Musk Gives Behind the Scenes Look Inside Falcon Factory

Astronomers Discover That Our Sun Likely Had an "Evil" Twin That Killed the Dinosaurs

The First Space-Based 'Nation' Wants to Store Data Off-Planet, Beyond the Law

Found: Designs for a Secret 1960s NASA Craft, Left on the Curb

Czech scientists see growing risk of asteroid hitting Earth

Nasa Discovers An Entire Solar System That Is 'remarkably Similar' To Ours

How Scientists Predict the Path of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Worm Grows 2 Heads in Space, Surprising Scientists

KELT-9b is the hottest exoplanet ever found

A pair of merging black holes 3 billion light years
away sent ripples of spacetime through the Earth

Elon Musk: The Rocket That Will Eventually Take
Humans to the Moon Will Launch in 4 Months

The 40-Year Old Space Mystery of the "Wow!" Signal Was Just Solved

NASA's Juno Reported Back, and Things Are Getting Weird

The Launch was Successful. SpaceX Just Made History

Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space

Ripples in Space-Time! Gravitational-Wave
Observatory Detects 3rd Black Hole Merger

Astronauts set to return after marathon ISS mission

Tomorrow, NASA Will Make a Major Announcement
About a New Mission To "Touch the Sun"

Still Photos of Jupiter Taken by the Juno Spacecraft

NASA Is Fast-Tracking Plans to Explore a Metal Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion

A better ion drive for more efficient space travel

Construction begins on the world's first super telescope

Scientists solve mystery of how most antimatter in the Milky Way forms

Meteor fireball reported over England and Wales

The Largest Supermoon of 2017 Is Happening This Week

Asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion 'could transform global economy'

Elon Musk: SpaceX Is Almost Ready to Update the
World on Its Plan to Get Humans to Mars

These Stratospheric Photos Did Not Come From NASA

Meteorite that struck a woman sells for more than its weight in gold

Green meteor fireball turns on explosive performance over New Zealand

Keshe Foundation Update - Building a Space Port in Ghana

A Powerful Energy Beam in Space Seems to Exceed the Speed of Light

A super-supermassive black hole on the run

Physicists Have Discovered a Gigantic Magnetic Bridge Spanning Galaxies

Possible bright supernova discovered in Cygnus

Comet Johnson joins the ranks of visible comets

A universe full of galaxies

Model explains the formation of Stealth CMEs

Latest radio signals from space stump scientists

SpaceX Just Broke a Major Milestone in Commercial Space Travel

Virgin Galactic CEO: We'll Be Ready to Send Tourists Into Space in 2018

Nasa unveils plans for a YEAR-LONG mission to the moon

NASA Appears to Be Looking for Partners to Help Them Mine the Moon

NASA's night-light images set to provide daily illumination

Eerie photographs show rusting Soviet-era space shuttles

The 17​th​-Century Moon Mission That Never Got Off the Ground

Nasa discovers entire solar system that is 'remarkably similar' to ours

SpaceX Just Laid out a Plan to Give Everyone Internet Access

Night sky guide for May 2017

An old star learns new tricks

Cassini survives first-ever dive between Saturn and its rings

SPACEX postpones classified military launch

New data show heliosphere is nearly round and symmetrical

Spacecraft survives unprecedented trip between Saturn, rings

Halley's comet? Nope. New discovery is 100,000 times bigger

Giant Hole In The Sun Will Send Super-charged Solar Winds To Earth

Breathtaking Nasa footage captures series of
cascading solar flares on the surface of the sun

Bright sunset meteor over Queensland, house-shaking sound reported

NASA's Reconnaissance Orbiter captures incredible new photo of Mars surface

A single asteroid hit in the Atlantic ocean could generate a Fukushima-sized tsunami wave
causing nuclear meltdowns in 13 nuclear facilities along the East Coast

Space debris problem getting worse, say scientists

Could there be life below Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s moon Europa?

Astronomers detect faintest ever early-universe galaxy

Bright fireball over South Carolina

Nasa Is About To Make A Big Announcement About Saturn & Extraterrestrial Life

The Icy Plumes Shooting Out of Saturn's Moon Just Got Way More Interesting

When giants warped the universe

Lyrid meteor shower to peak April 22

We're About To Get Our First Ever Image Of A Black Hole

What we have learnt by exploring Mars

Astronomers detect atmosphere around Earth-like planet


Chile desert combed for clues to life on Mars

SpaceX gaining substantial cost savings from reused Falcon 9

Earth-sized telescope set to snap first picture of a black hole

Mysterious bursts of energy do come from outer space

Asteroid 2017 GM to flyby Earth at a very close distance of 0.03 LD

Six M-class solar flares erupt from Region 2644

Scotland's Catastrophic Comet Conspiracy

SPACEX set for historic launch of 'recycled' rocket

New Up-Close Image of Jupiter Is So Hypnotic It Hurts

China secret plan to crush SPACEX and USA space program

New Mars photo shows countless worm-like dunes on red planet

Travelers to Mars risk leukemia cancer, weakened immune
function from radiation, NASA-funded study finds

NASA, ESA aim to ram asteroid

No one knows what to do with the International Space Station

Space Rock Mystery: Where Did the Fukang Meteorite Come From?

Signs of next solar minimum: The Sun has been blank for
14 days straight and that's the longest stretch since 2010

Large fireballs explode around the world in March 2017

Here's What Nasa Saw When It Landed On Saturn's Largest Moon

Moon shadow path in 2017 solar eclipse

Asteroid 2017 FS flew past Earth at 0.27 LD

SpaceX plans global 'space internet'

Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Nears Orbital Record

Mysterious object falls from the sky in Colombia. Satellite?

Gargantuan Chinese Radio Telescope Stars in 'Impossible Engineering' Clip

China Developing Advanced Spaceship That Can Land on Moon

China to develop satellite-delivery rockets released from airplanes

Mars far more likely to have had life than we thought

Asteroid 2017 DS109 to flyby Earth at 0.90 LD

Asteroid 2017 EA flew past Earth at 0.05 LD

SpaceX says it will fly civilians to the moon next year

NASA Stunning Aurora Borealis From Space

Nasa to launch Solar Probe to the surface of the SUN

SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018

Impressive images of the annular solar eclipse from Chile and Argentina

The dark side of the universe – a primer

Perseid Meteor Shower 2016: When, Where & How to See It

Asteroid 2017 DG16 to flyby Earth at 0.34 LD

Seven Earth-Sized Planets Have Been Spotted Around a Nearby Star

Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo

Explosive beginnings of a supernova spotted for the first time

Fast radio bursts: enigmatic and infuriating

NASA, heeding Trump, may add astronauts to a test flight moon mission

NASA to launch artificial cloud forming rocket into space

Search Ongoing for 9th Planet, So Massive
It Tilts Solar System Planets 6 Degrees

The Hunt For Alien Megastructures Is On

Saturn Could Be Defending Earth From Massive Asteroid Impacts

Report lays out science case for Europa lander

The X-37 isn't landing just yet

Nasa preparing mission to send lander to Europa

Sun's own light may be slowing its surface spin

Signs in the Heavens! Comet, Eclipse and Snow Moon Occur Tonight In Rare Event

NASA facility with deep-space rocket takes direct hit from a tornado

Triple treat: Eclipse, comet, full moon all coming Friday night

First results on Scott Kelly after year in space reveal space travel changes DNA

Japan's troubled 'space junk' mission fails

An extragalactic void is shoving our galaxy from behind

Earth has peppered the moon with oxygen for billions of years

Moon found to be periodically showered with oxygen ions from Earth

Signatures of Earthly life may be etched in moon rock

Night sky guide for February 2017

Blue Aurora On Jupiter Can Be Bigger Than The Size Of Earth

China's Growing Ambitions in Space

Bus-Size Asteroid Buzzing Earth Tonight Stars in Slooh Webcast


Giant Mystery Wave Spotted In Atmosphere Of Venus

Planetary puzzle: what's causing Venus' giant wave?

How We Are Listening To The Universe

The largest ever observed gravity wave in the Solar System crossed Venus'
atmosphere and astronomers are trying to understand

Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan has passed away

NASA has discovered gigantic ice towers on Pluto, standing 500 metres tall

Jumbo asteroid has close shave with Earth

SpaceX delays first Falcon 9 launch since explosion

Pentagon's Mystery Space Plane Stays in Orbit for 600 Days

'Goldilocks' planets might not be so nice

Northern Lights' Festive Show Captured in Stunning NASA Image

Night sky guide for January 2017

Mysterious fireball disintegrates in the sky of
Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador

Dwarf Planet Ceres Likely Had Ocean Long Ago


Top 7 Must-See Sky Events for 2017

Scientists plan on contacting the closest
Earth-like exoplanet to our Solar System

NASA Releases Spectacular Image of NGC 6357

A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year

More fast radio bursts detected from same location

Supermassive black hole spotted tearing star to shreds: study

Solar System's Biggest Asteroid Is an Ancient Ocean World

What the Ocean on Jupiter's Moon Europa Might Sound Like

SpaceX founder joins Trump advisory group

Skywatchers alert: Geminid meteor shower to peak on December 13 and 14


ScienceCasts: Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth

Cassini's new mission shows Saturn in a different light

John Glenn, First American To Orbit The Earth, Dies At 95

Meteor explodes over Siberia, turns night into day

Night sky guide for December 2016

How an Earth-sized telescope will 'see' a supermassive black hole

NASA's Kepler's K2 mission journey uncovered
a new Earth-Like planet called K2-3d

ExoMars' First High-Res Photos Are Incredible

Enhanced sprite activity end of November 2016 over Spain

Potentially Habitable Planet's Shadow Spotted from Earth

Huge Underground Ice Deposit on Mars Is Bigger Than New Mexico

Astronomers just discovered one of the most massive
objects in the universe hiding behind the Milky Way

The big Coronal Hole on the sun is back again

Icy messages from a dead spacecraft

Galactic supercluster found hiding behind Milky Way

Peggy Whitson: Oldest woman in space blasts off to ISS

NASA simulates the aftermath of a small asteroid striking Los Angeles

'Great Valley' on Mercury Points to Shrinking Planet

New Analysis Supports Subsurface Ocean on Pluto

Massive chunk of space debris slams into Myanmar

Huge meteorite uncovered from the Texas ground

We’re About To See A Record-Breaking Supermoon. Biggest In Nearly 70 Years

Powerful geomagnetic storm cracks Earth’s magnetosphere

Night sky guide for November 2016

New asteroid 2016 VA to flyby Earth at 0.25 LD on November 2, 2016

Dark energy may not exist, new supernova analysis says

Saturn's hexagon has mysteriously changed color

Mars lander debris spotted

Stunning map of Milky Way created using giant telescopes

Spinning galaxies question existence of dark matter

First Pluto, now this: Discovery of first binary-binary
calls solar system formation into question

Suspicious Observer News - Space Weather Breakthrough, Mars Life Evidence?

Mysterious meteor-like objects fall from the sky in Kerala, India

How massive can a supermassive black hole get?

Game changer for space weather forecasting

Solar Cycle Mystery Solved ?

Apocalyptic Asteroid 2009ES Passed Safely So Far,
But Are We Really Out Of The Woods Yet?

NASA picks six deep space habitat prototypes and studies

2016 Full Moon Calendar

Saturn’s moon Dione harbors a subsurface ocean

Kepler observations reveal our galaxy's most-mysterious
star is even stranger than astronomers thought

A rare black moon will rise Friday night

China launches world’s largest radio telescope, 500m in diameter

Huge meteorite impacts Queensland, Australia in large explosion boom

Elon Musk Reveals His Plan for Colonizing Mars

'Huge meteor' fireball crashes to earth as flash of
light is seen and houses shake near Turkey Beach, Australia

NASA researchers propose exotic ice cloud in Titan's
stratosphere formed by 'solid-state' chemical reactions

New insight into the space environment surrounding Pluto

China's Tiangong-1 space station is falling

2016 Harvest Moon Penumbral Eclipse

The Strange Existence of the Goldilocks Planet

This giant 30 tons meteorite unearthed in Argentina
is the second heaviest ever found after Hoba

NASA’s THEMIS Sees Auroras Move to the Rhythm of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Planet smash delivered carbon to Earth 4.4 billion years ago

Meteor explodes over Cyprus, parts of it
believed to have fallen north of the island

Juno Listens to Jupiter's Auroras

Asteroid 2016 RB1 to flyby Earth at 0.1 LD on September 7, 2016

Night sky guide for September 2016

The many potential lives of 'Earth-twin' planet Proxima b

Annular solar eclipse in Africa in pictures

Forget what you heard: Jupiter does not orbit the sun

Annular Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016

Secrets of Neptune's atmosphere

Comet Outburst, ALERT Gulf of Mexico

Mars Anomaly Research Home Page

Sudden darkness two Augusts ahead

The bright side of black holes

Scientists Find Earthlike Planet Orbiting Proxima Centauri

We're going to bring an asteroid fragment into Lunar orbit

Space junk: Garbage circles above you

China working on hypersonic spaceplane with horizontal takeoff

Perseid meteor shower contained 14 fireballs over the U.S. on August 4th

In anticipation for the Perseid meteor shower bright fireballs

Jaw-Dropping Photo of Orion Nebula Is Loaded
With Beauty and Packed With Science

Niku, A Mysterious Object Beyond Neptune,
Is Traveling In The Wrong Direction

3-D Versions of Martian Maps

Milky Way captured in the world’s largest salt flats of Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni

Perseids to peak in outburst mode on August 11 and 12, 2016

Observatory captures huge solar eruption

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Night sky guide for August 2016

Study points to a new paradigm in the star and star cluster formation

One year lasts a day in alien solar system

Where do deep space probes get their power?

Fire in the sky: 7 major fireball meteor events
in the last 3 days around the world

Planet Nine may have caused orbital tilts of all Solar System planets

Step inside Apollo 11's command module - Virtual Tour

NASA: Watch One Year on Earth From 1 Million Miles Away

Shooting fireball scares and amazes Kimberley stargazers

Bizarre giant galaxy found in quiet corner of the universe

Bright meteor fireball streaks over Brazilian skies

Pluto + 1: A Year After New Horizons Made It a World

New dwarf planet spotted beyond Neptune
& Pluto: Takes 700yrs to orbit our Sun

Astronomers discover planet with three suns

148 meteors reported by NASA’s All Sky Fireball
Network over the USA on July 9, 2016

Juno's view as it closed in on Jupiter


China set to begin operations of world's largest radio telescope

Gigantic aurora lights up Jupiter’s North Pole, gets caught on camera

The roar of Jupiter captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft

A Spectacular Survey of the Distant Universe

Blank canvas: Solar activity dwindling to lows not seen in 200 years

Asteroids increase: NASA confirms Earth has acquired second moon

Jupiter Puts on a Light Show For Juno

Jupiter climate creates amazing fireball images

Meteorite hits a house in Thailand

Newly discovered 'baby' planets could unlock mysteries of planetary evolution

The sun goes blank for the second time this month in the
weakest solar cycle in more than a century

Juno's epic journey to probe Jupiter's secrets

Hubble confirms new dark spot on Neptune

60 Black Holes And 500 Stars 'Mosh' To Form Black Hole Binary

Don't look now, but we're being followed

Mystery meteorite found fossilised in quarry rocks

Meteorite discovery: "No one has seen anything like this one before"

Scientists discover largest ever ‘Tatooine’-like planet orbiting around two suns

Astronomers Prepare For First Ever Black Hole Image With New Algorithm

The dark side of the universe

Martian dust storms could make life interesting for future astronauts

NASA exploring additional cooperation with SpaceX’s Red Dragon mission

Universe’s first life might have been born on diamond planets

Asteroid 2016 LT1 to pass extremely close to Earth (0.4 LD) on June 7, 2016

Solving the Mystery of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Universe is expanding faster than physics can explain

NASA releases most detailed close-up of Pluto yet

The Brightest Planets in June's Night Sky: How to See Them (and When)

Night sky guide for June 2016

Astronomers Discover Connection Between
Magnetic Fields of Supernova and Our Milky Way

Red Planet heats up: Ice age ending on Mars

Laniakea: Our home supercluster

Serious Plausibility of Undetected 9th Planet in Our Solar System

Astronomers Discover Connection Between Magnetic Fields
of Supernova and Our Milky Way

New evidence supports asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction

Watch Another Unbelievable SpaceX Landing From The Rocket Itself

Brilliant fireball strikes the sky of Japan

Government Secrets: X-37B Plane in Space
for a Year Now, Nobody Knows its Mission

New Horizons delivers first data on post-Pluto object

Remains of giant asteroid found in outback Australia

Extremely bright fireball explodes in loud detonation
over Puebla, Mexico on May 21, 2016

Giant meteor explosion generates strong tremor in Pinamar, Argentina

Electric Universe - The ‘Culture Shock’ of Planetary Catastrophe

Kepler lifts the veil on mysterious unnamed dwarf planet

NASA Just Found 1,284 New Planets

Earth's magnetic field changes mapped in detail

Lava Tube Moon Caves Could Protect Astronauts

UCI astronomers determine precise mass of a giant black hole

Scientists Detect Unexpected Drop in the Magnetic Field of X-Ray Pulsars

LIVE STREAM: Watch Mercury Transit The Sun Today In Rare Event

Powerful Acquiescence of Battros 'Equation' in New Discovery
Charged Particle Acceleration

The Weird History Of The Space Blanket

Watch SpaceX's Barge Landing In This Breathtaking 360 Video

Pluto's interactions with the solar wind are unique, study finds

Studies Begin on a Crater That May Explain the
Dinosaur Extinction 65 Million Years Ago

Astronomers discover potentially habitable planets just 40 light years from Earth

Comets & Asteroids - Summary for April 2016

NASA scientists gain new insight on mysterious 'lunar swirls'

Three new Earth-sized exoplanets offer best
chance of finding life beyond Solar System

European Space Agency (ESA) - New Sources
of Charged Particles Discovered

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex

Why NASA plans to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid

Examination of Ancient Text Reveals Details of Supernova

Dramatic Explosion From Galaxy Arrived at Earth in 2012

Scientists Beginning to Identify Signs That Galactic
Cycles are Analogous with Sun-Earth's Circumvolution

Herschel's view of the Galactic Plane

Star's Wobble Could Reveal 'Earth-Like' Exoplanet

Why It's Still a Struggle to Put Women in Space in 2016

The Mysterious Death of the First Man in Space

The Comet Venus - Past and Present

Bright, young Jupiter-like 'orphan' found floating nearby

Ice a surprising heat source on Jupiter's Europa

The comet Venus - past and present

DARPA experimental spaceplane program moves into next phase

New Discovery of Mysterious Alignment of Black Holes

‘Breakthrough Starshot’ aims to reach Alpha Centauri 20 years after launch

Measurement of Universe's expansion rate creates cosmological puzzle

Supernova Showered Earth with Radioactive Debris

NASA’s asteroid hunter discovers 72 near-Earth objects in two years

Meet The 'Rocket Girls,' The Women Who Charted The Course To Space

Exploding fireball disintegrates in the night sky of Rai Valley New Zealand

How expandable astronaut habitats could
pave the way for private space hotels

No Moon, no magnetic field, no life on Earth: study

‘Very strange’: White dwarf star with 99.9%
oxygen atmosphere puzzles scientists

New Study Suggests Moon Has Great Influence on Earth's Magnetic Field

Moons of Saturn may be younger than the dinosaurs

Closest view yet of Ceres sheds light on bright spots

Supernova shockwave caught in visible light for the first time

'Northern Lights' spotted on JUPITER


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