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Infertility in the developed world looks set to double within a decade

Bird Flu Found on Duck Farm in Upstate New York

First Human Case of Bird Flu Found in Indonesia

USDA Won't Enforce Rules Against Junk Food Sales in Schools

The Great US Mad Cow Coverup Begins To Unravel

Red meat 'linked to cancer risk' in major European study

Fluoridated Water 'Causes Cancer'

Brain cells are matured in lab

"If Mobile Phones Were a Type of Food, They Simply Would Not be Licensed"

Non-thermal biological effects of microwaves

Fears that new strain of bird flu will kill millions

The Dangers of LASIK Surgery: Why You Want to Avoid This Like the Plague

The New Science of Spinal Regeneration

Bird flu moving in new, unpredictable ways

India: Calls to Ban GM Crops Intensify After Rats Suffer

They hailed it as a wonderfood

Mad Cow Disease Confirmed in US

Safety doubt for more painkillers

FDA Fraud: New Studies Prove Vaccines Cause Autism

What conventional medicine won't dare tell you
about gall bladder removal surgery

Does a New Pill Contain the Fountain of Youth?

Chronology of Arsenic in Treated Wood Content

Washington State University Study Points to Role
of Toxins in Inherited Disease

Tuberculosis on the rise around the globe

Medical Schools Don't Mind Drug Company Control of Study Findings

Eye Damage from MSG

First-Ever U.S. Labeling LEGISLATION for Genetically Engineered
Food BECOMES LAW in Alaska

Drug-resistant TB coming to U.S. from abroad-study

Australia on alert over flu pandemic

Air bags endanger young teens in front seat, study finds

Fears over Child Leukemia Link to Power Lines

Man-Made Pesticides Blamed for Fall in Male Fertility over Past 50 Years

Chronology of Human Testing of Pesticides Content

Pesticides Found In 100 Percent of People Tested

Drugged Drinking Water

Chemicals and Crime: A Truly Toxic Effect

Environmental Toxins

GM sweetcorn from Monsanto rejected by EU states, again


Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed
abnormalities in blood and kidneys

Brazil Orders Slaughter of 17,000 Chickens After 6,000 Die From Illness

How Hazardous Is Aspartame? Take A Look...

Bird flu endemic in Indonesia, says World Health Organization

West Nile proves even more dangerous

Bush Administration Manipulates Science and Censors Scientists


GM Crops Irrelevant for Africa

Drug companies discredit negative studies and blacklist honest researchers

Following revelation that new cholesterol advice came from board members
who profit from statin drug makers, medical leaders see no conflict of interest.

The Big Pharma Drug Racket

Scientists link plastic food containers with breast cancer

Chemicals in food packaging 'can cause breast cancer'

EU: Ireland Intercepts U.S. Biotech Corn

Pesticide link to Parkinson's disease has strengthened

US braces for flu pandemic

Bird flu spreads among Java's pigs

Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases

MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Bibliography and Resources

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Toxic Chemicals Information for the Chemically Injured

Flu Pandemic 'Could Hit 20% Of World's Population'

Meditation good for the heart, study finds

Revealed: Health Fears over Secret Study into GM Food

Ten Lies About Health Your Doctor Taught You

Bird flu virus mutating, posing bigger threat-WHO

Aids 'kills one in three' in SA

Most diabetics not controlling their blood sugar


What are Endocrine Disruptors?

What is Depleted Uranium (DU)?

Mobile phone use in rural areas carries three times the cancer risk

The Organic Rebelion - (flash)

Resistant Bacterial Infections Treated With Vitamin C

Researchers Prove Drug Company Marketing to You
is Having Serious Influence on Doctors

Vaccine Dangers & Risks: Learn What CDC Documents and Science Really Reveal


130 Nations Will Eliminate World's 12 Worst Pesticides & Industrial Chemicals

GMO's - Important new legal challenge launched in India

Indonesia Finds Bird Flu in Pigs, Raising Fears It Could Easily Spread to Humans

Why is the FDA Ignoring Toxic Chemicals in Irradiated Food?

The Great Vitamin Robbery

Royal Raymond Rife

High Levels of Toxic Rocket Fuel Found in Lettuce

Thousands infected in flu outbreak in southern Chinese city

Fasting for healing and inner peace

Vaccinations: More Harm Than Good?

Holistic Animal Health

Vaccinating Pets Could Do More Harm Than Good

India bans Monsanto GM cotton seeds

Even Long-Term Use of OTC Painkillers Can be Deadly

124 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Health

Congress Bill Will Allow Drug Companies to Continue Poisoning
Children with Mercury-Tainted Vaccines

Rick Santee, Microscopist, Arrested by Medical Gestapo

Cancer Epidemic - Symptom of an Unsustainable Society

Should You Get A Biopsy Of That Lump?

Common Drugs That Cause Hair Loss

Plant more colour in your diet to cut cholesterol

Cancer checks ordered on all spices in new food dye alert

Bird flu mutates and now more infectious

America's Other Trade Deficit -- An ENN Commentary

Transgenics Is Like the Plague and Brazil Caught It

Food wrap linked to prostate cancer

Who Owns the Healing Secrets of Plants?

Canada geese may spread superbugs

Worldwide cancer rates 'double'


Monsanto: End of Bovine Growth Hormone Milk rBGH

Processed meat consumption results in 6700% increase
in pancreatic cancer risk, says new research

HRT alternative linked to cancer

A Wise "All-Wet" Theory

Not in my name

Are Cell Phones Safe For Your Children?

GM industry puts human gene into rice

HIV is 'out of control' in India

Six Diseases Cause 73 Percent of Child Deaths: WHO

Are Plastic Products Causing Breast Cancer Epidemic?

Scientists say evidence mounting that chemical in plastic is dangerous

Store Your Food in Glass Not Plastic


The story of homoeopathy and how it has flourished

Are Needle Biopsies Safe?

Bird flu outbreak leads to fears of pandemic

White House may ease ‘downer cattle’ ban

Toothpaste cancer alert

How Medical Boards Nationalized Health Care

Deadly flu samples still missing

FDA Ephedra Ban REVERSED by US Court

GRAVE Cell Phone Dangers Revealed

GM rice 'sold illegally in China'

Informed Consent?
More Problems with Chemo and Radiotherapy

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Drugs firms 'creating ills for every pill'

Scientist willing to put claim of U.S. mad cow coverup to lie detector test

1000's of Children in Ho Chi Minh City with Bird Flu Symptoms

Virgin Coconut Oil - How It Has Changed People's Lives,
and How It Can Change Yours!

Nuts About Coconuts: Everything You Need to Know
About This Supreme Health Food

Coconut: In Support of Good Health in the 21st Century

Seven Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child That You Need to Know

Deadly Ebola-like virus spreading in Angola

When chlorine + antimicrobials = unintended consequences

Are Honors for Physicians the New Political Diploma Mill?

Milk linked to Parkinson's risk

N Korean bird flu 'different'

How pure can you get?

Marburg virus

Food watchdog is 'biased against organic food', says its own review

Top 10 Reasons For Opposing Food Irradiation

CODEX: Letter from Rima Laibow, MD

Hidden Sources Of MSG In Foods

Doctors fear epidemic of superbug that hits the healthy

Of birds and men

The Neurotoxicity Of Fluoride In Drinking Water

Fact Sheet on the History of Thimerosal

Americans clueless about gene-altered foods

Unbelievable Merck's Coverups Sends Them Into the Spotlight Again

How America Was Blinded by Merck's Vaccine Lies

Cellular Phone Industry Just as Health-Harming as Big Tobacco?

Cell Phone Index- Resource page

Breast Iodine Thyroid Effectiveness Society (BITES)

Thyroid gland breast cancer clue

Is the threat of CODEX simply an "Urban Legend"?


What to DO to Stop CODEX

The Health Movement against "Codex Alimentarius"

Should vitamins and herbs be available by prescription only?

Fear of new epidemic as ebola-like virus spreads

Vietnam, Cambodia Confirm Additional Bird Flu Deaths, Raising Asia's Total to 48


The Secret Life of Dust

Bird flu epidemic could kill as many as 750,000 in Britain: estimate

FDA's New Fast Drug Approvals Endanger Your Health


Radioactive Waste in Household Products


What is dioxin?

The Meatrix - Flash video

U.S. Autism Rates Rise Sharply

Protein key to skin cancer spread

Obesity 'increases diabetes risk 80 times'

Cholesterol feeds prostate cancer

Mountain living 'good for heart'

Vitamin E boosts risk of heart failure in some patients

Cancer hope for green tea extract

Cancer cells put into deep sleep

Warning - A Cell Phone for Kids

Organic Gardening - SOIL

Organic Gardening - Growing Guides

Organic Gardening - WEEDS

Organic Gardening - Pests and Diseases

Dioxins and PCBs in Food

Non-Toxic Yard Care

Bird Flu Clusters May Signal Virus Change - WHO

Oily fish helps cut inflammation

Soy Online Service

The Whole Soy Story

Questions and answers about genetically engineered salmon

Fishermen, Lawmakers Prepare for Possible Introduction of Modified Salmon

More on Genetically Engineered Salmon

Astonishing New Diabetes/Milk Evidence

Sperm protein fertility aid hope

Pesticide Alternatives

NoSoy Debunks the Bean

Pigs Hold Clues to Man-Made Flu

New Study Shatters Milk Myth

Laughter 'boosts blood vessels'

A Neglected Nutrient Are Americans dying from a lack of vitamin D?

The American Dance Therapy Association

We're Not Prepared for Upcoming Flu Epidemic

'Bird flu threat' from feathers

Blueberries Can Also Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Light Medicine and the Future

The Healing Sun – Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century

Report Says GE Crops Threaten Growing Organic Farming Industry

Approval of GMO rice by China could open door to global use

Do not hype up GM crops, say NGOs


Soy Myth Exposed: Soy is Not a Health Food

"The Precautionary Principle"

Ethical Aspects of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Organisms

Eczema Skin Creams Can Cause Cancer

Vioxx Reapproved by FDA Panel Members With Ties to Drug Companies

Dairy co-op rejects Monsanto proposal to drop hormone ban


Bone and gut disorders 'linked'

Liquorice stops 'herpes' cancer

Sneak Attacks From Within

Vietnam confirms 14th bird flu death

Are we prepared for bird flu?

Low birth weight diabetes link

Toxic Chemical Ingredients in Cosmetics Directory

Deaths spiral out of control in Aids crisis

New strains of superbug can kill in 24 hours

Bird flu 'has pandemic potential'

Action taken to remove illegal dye found in wide range of foods on sale in UK
- for list of products affected>>> click here

Think Ritalin Is Safe?

The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

Plague outbreak kills 60 in Congo

14 things you are not supposed to know about Routine Radioactive Releases

Cosmetics Unmasked News and Updates

Information about the use of sludge in agriculture

Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides

Mad Child Disease

Common foods laced with chemical

Fresh fears over arthritis drugs

Flu Shots May Not Save Lives - U.S. Study

GM food safety research - Why has it not taken place?

HIV 'could destroy cancer cells'

Drug-resistant HIV strain found

Top Ten Reasons Why You Haven't Heard about the Pauling Discovery

Polio at Mecca sparks fear for Muslims thousands

Cell Phone Health Effects

Herbal remedy 'better than drugs at treating depression'

Bad news really can break hearts

Will your vitamins be banned from the shelves after August?

Mystery Illness Baffles Doctors; Frustrates Patients

Vitamin C prevents DNA mutation induced by oxidative stress

Herb Farming Information Resources

Ultimate resource on herb farming

Free Herb Pictures

Jewelweed, Poison Ivy Treatment from Nature

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Farming

Natural sunlight destroys breast cancer tumors through creation of Vitamin D

Fluoride & the Pineal Gland: Study Published in Caries Research

Living donor diabetes transplant

The Conspiracy Against VITAMIN C Revealed
- 8 minute video

Vegetable Guide with pictures - planting requirements-soil preparation

Bird Flu Claims More Victims, Regional Outbreak Feared

Viruses Keep Surprising Scientists

Splenda Marketing Campaign Seeks to Mislead, Confuse Consumers

Is Bird Flu on the Way Here?

Popular painkiller to be withdrawn

10 reasons to eat Organic

HRT 'bone aid in prostate care'

Mad Cow Disease Found in French Goat, EU Says

Painkiller Linked to 140,000 Heart Attacks in Patients

Vietnam says bird flu victims drank duck blood

Adults With ADHD: Don’t Become the Next Drug Target
Here’s How to Treat it Naturally

Painkiller linked to 140,000 heart attacks in patients

Life Under CODEX

Warning - H5N1 Type A Influenza Pandemic Likely Coming

Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus

New German Report Claims Supplements Are Unsafe

Could Prions Be In Milk And Dairy? - Yes

U.S. Officials Accuse DuPont of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk

Researchers Find Health Benefits Of Magnets

Untidy beds may keep us healthy

Phenylpropanolamine being RECALLED
used in many over-the-counter, prescription cough and cold
medications as a decongestant and in OTC weight loss products.

Blood chemical is a stroke risk

Is Your Health Club Unhealthy?

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

Real World Doesn't Use a Joystick

Aspartame Toxicity Information Center

Psychiatric Drug Facts

Vitamin B-17 and Cancer

Grayhorse with Eclipse Oils on the Flu Recipe

Trade Secrets: A Bill Moyers report which explores a secret
archive of the chemical industry

Beyond Pesticides

Vitamin C content in Foods

Predicted collapse of conventional medicine now underway-
one vitamin could save Medicare from bankruptcy

Eating soy foods will destroy your thyroid

Lethal medicines Big Pharma has passed off
as safe are the true weapons of mass destruction

Government 'has given in to EU ban on health food supplements'

Royal Raymond Rife

Painkiller risk to gut revealed

How safe is the water?

Minister to abolish GM scrutiny body

CSPI's Guide to Food Additives

AIDS is man-made - Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

Aspartime fight heads for the courts in USA

Worm inspires 'comfortable' test

An Open Letter From Dr. Robert Strecker - The First American Physician To State HIV/AIDS Is And Was A Manmade Disease

EU rules threatening to sweep away vitamin pills

Household Chemicals in Direct Link to Asthma Rise

The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemicals linked to birth defects do not belong in products marketed to women!

Store Your Food in Glass Not Plastic

Fluoride and Bones

Toxics and Phthalates

Herbalist Review, Issue 2000 #4: Health fads from hell:
margarine, canola oil, soy foods, green/black tea


Heart Disease - the Pauling Therapy

The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C

Bennifits of Vitamin C

Super Size Me

Tell President Bush and Congressional leaders to end
the Global Gag Rule today!

Finger test 'spots heart disease'


Hidden Soy In Fast Food 'Cutting Men's Fertility'


The Whole Soy Story

How Much Soy is safe to eat?

Hidden Harm - How the FDA is ignoring the potential
dangers of unique chemicals in irradiated foods

CSPI's Guide to Food Additives

GE Food Alert Campaign Center

Raising Risk - Field testing of Genetically engineered
crops in the United States

Chemical Trespass Pesticides in Our Bodies and Corporate Accountability

How to avoid Genetically Altered foods (PDF)

Radiofrequency, Wireless, and EMF Risks

Cell Phone Hazards

Mobile Phone Health Hazards

If MSG isn't harmful, why is it hidden?


NutraSweet and Breast and other Cancers

The Rain Forest Plant Database

Atricles Published on Rain Forest Plants

Make Smart Seafood Choices


Mercury, Vaccines and Medicine

Alternative Cancer Therapies

Miraculous Messages from Water

Links to over 300 articles discussing magnesium and magnesium deficiency

Are Plastic Products Causing Breast Cancer Epidemic?

Hysterectomy Alternatives and Aftereffects

Flu Crimes at the CDC

Organic Food Is More Nutritious

Inadequate safety assessment of GE foods

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

10th Report on Carcinogens

11 MONTHS - to diffuse the ticking time bomb threatening
your access to vitamins and minerals

Children's TV Watching Linked to Attention Deficit Disorder

Important Vacination Links

Autism - Mercury Poisoning In U.S. Children... a National Tragedy


Anthrax Vaccines 'Major Factor' In Gulf War Illness


Dolphins, Therapy and Autism

Breast milk awash in chemicals

Eat Your Sea Vegetables!

SICK OF WORK - Always on the Job, Employees Pay With Health

Mothers' Anti-Depressant Use Risky For Unborn Babies

Prozac 'found in drinking water'

Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments

Long-Term Acetaminophen Use May Harm Kidneys

Millions More May Have Been Given Cancer Contaminated Polio Vaccine

More Messages In Water

300,000 Mad Cow Cases Undetected In France

Diet Drinks Can Make You Fatter
Artificial Sweeteners Wreck Body's Calorie Counter

Taheebo: an ancient remedy for today's ailments

The Water Cure: It really is that simple

Antidepressants Restudied for Relation to Child Suicide

Health concerns about Rapeseed oil .....(Canola oil)

Fear Hits Britain As New Cow Disease Emerges Previously
Unknown Fatal Brain Condition Discovered

Teen Suicides Linked To Antidepressants SSRIs
'Being Handed Out Like Lollipops'

Pills vs. Talking - When It Comes to Mental Illness,
Parents Face Dilemmas Over Medication, Talk Therapy

Glaxo Faces Criminal Action In UK Over 'Suicide' Pills - Paxil

Mad Cow Time Bomb

13 Pesticides In Body Of Average American

16,000 In UK May Have Mad Cow

Maker to pull antidepressant off market

Magnetic Therapy For Spine Injury

Professor Sacked For Saying Sun Can Be Beneficial

Dr. Weston A. Price and The Root Canal Cover-Up

Frequent ejaculation may protect against cancer

Is There Animal Content In Coke?

Protection against chemical, biological and nuclear attacks,
Anthrax and Smallpox...Do NOT get vaccinated!

Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Misery?

Super Plague Coming, Intuitive Warns

Study links antibiotics, breast cancer

More Messages in Water


Beef Spinal Cord Can Still Be Sold As 'Beef' USDA Claims About
Effectiveness of Mad Cow Surveillance System Are False


Panel reluctantly backed flu vaccine to FDA

Mad Cow/CJD - Staggering List Of Products Made From Cattle

Threat Of Suicide Bans All Major Antidepressants For Children


Turmeric – An Amazing Healer

Healing power of Pets


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