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Last updated May 28, 2016

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1984 Audio Book

Animal Farm Audio book

Five Tools To Protect Your Privacy Online

NEW 25 Rules of Disinformation, Propaganda, “PSYOPS”, Debunking Techniques

DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children

Russian Face Recognition App Promises to Destroy Public Anonymity

The FBI Wants to Keep the National Biometric Database a Secret

8 Years Old Boy Talks About Pineal Gland The Third Eye and TV Brainwashing

Do these stealth towers mask a secret Deep State spy web?

Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government
Surveillance Program In The Bay Area

Public Reaches Breaking Point With TSA

C.I.A. Data Show 14-Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior

Sidney Gottlieb, 80, Dies; Took LSD to C.I.A.

Mind Weapons

Weapons of perception: neuroscience and mind-controlled weapons

Public Reaches Breaking Point With TSA

FBI Seeks To Keep Its Nationwide Biometric Database A Secret From Citizens

Twitter Says No to Intelligence Agencies’ Plans for Social Media Surveillance

Not Just Surveillance — 3 Current Phenomena Exposing 1984
as an Instruction Manual for The State

NSA and CIA Double Their Warrantless Searches on Americans in Two Years

How strangers can hack the phone in your pocket

IL School District Installs Big Brother Biometric Thumb Scanner in Cafeteria

Jay Dyer w/Catherine Austin Fitts: Top 10 Mind Control Movies

Huxley's Brave New World fast becoming a terrifying geopolitical reality

Kerry wants more propaganda: US increasing funding to train 750 journalists worldwide

‘Spying Billboards’ Under Fire for Tapping Into People’s Cellphones

This is What Government Sponsored Mass Surveillance is Doing to Your Mind

TSA Whistleblowers: Agency Has “Lord of the Flies” Culture With “Bully Bosses

From the Christian Cross to Mobile Phone Towers – A Brief History of Mind Control

Censored, Surveilled, Watch Listed and Jailed. Freest Country in the World?

Long List Of Colleges Receive Anti-Free Speech Award

UK govt confirms it is pushing for 10-year sentence for web piracy

Why is the Government Installing Mysterious Boxes On Utility Poles?

Police close down Facebook page exposing Police bullying and suicides

New Report Proves US Law Enforcement Preparing for Rioting on a National Scale

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Media, Advertising & Social Programming

TSA 'saving the day' by confiscating pimento cheese dip,
while failing 95 percent of bomb security tests

Device used to trick cellphones into revealing location raises legal issue, lawmaker says

ATF now spying on Phoenix residents using equipment
mounted on utility-owned power poles

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

What You Need To Know About The Government
Manipulating You Through Social Media

Snowden: Surveillance Is About Brainwashing, Not Terrorism

Are Others Controlling Your Subconscious Mind?

It’s Now Mandatory to Microchip Your Dog
in the United Kingdom. Are Humans Next?

Japan Plans to Test Fingerprints As “Currency”

7 Soviet-era tips for running a successful police state

Mind control: Scientists can now make people
alter their prejudices and belief in God


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