The Mayan Calendar in Daily Life

This is the beginning of a series of articles designed to help our culture understand and be able to constructively use the Mayan calendar in daily life. Before we start, it is important to clear some possible confusion about the Mayan calendar. The Dreamspell or 13 moon calendar movement authored and promoted by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, is not the Mayan calendar. Jose himself has in the last 2 years has made public statements that his Dreamspell system is a "Galactic calendar" not to be confused with the 5000 year old traditional Mayan calendar. Respect and honor should be afforded Jose Arguelles for his pioneering work and inspirations which brought the Mayan calendar to our culture's awareness. There have been vast advancements in our understanding of the Mayan calendar and its application to today's world. The evolution of our working knowledge of the Mayan calendar will continue. Welcome to the Evolution.

Any calendar is a civilization's agreement of what time it is. The absolute center of any civilization's consciousness is its calendar. Everything that happens in a civilization(starting with your personal birthday) happens on its calendar. All business, production, shipping, billing, graduations, meetings or evaluations of performance are done according to the calendar. The Gregorian calendar currently our civilization's calendar, is based on the physical phenomena of our planet going around our star called Sol every 365.25 days. It is a physical phenomena and is the basis of our concept of time. Time is seen by our civilization, as the measured motion of mass and energy through space. This means that the consciousness of our civilization is centered on the physical evidence of this planet orbiting our sun. The consciousness of our civilization being fixed on physical evidence results in a materialistic outlook on reality. Things without physical evidence are not seen as real to such a civilization. The Maya had quite a different consideration about "Time" than we currently have in our society. A big clue to this is that their calendar system is made up of 2 different calendar rounds of 360 and 260 days. These calendar rounds were the Tun and Tzolkin respectively. These two cycles run like meshed gears. NOTE; neither of these cycles are tied to any observable astronomical orbits. The Maya were very aware of the solar cycle and kept careful track of it with their CIVIL calendar called the Haab. The Haab was a 365.25day calendar used by the Maya for book keeping and TAX collection. In an agrarian society, tribute can be paid most effectively when the crops come in. Aside from that.

THE MAYA TOTALLY IGNORED THE SOLAR CYCLE AS THE CENTER OF THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS All Mayan calendar dates, including personal birthdays, dedications and most sacred ceremonial events were measured in 360day periods called,Tuns. (pronounced "tunes") All dates "carved in stone" throughout the Mayan and Toltec world are Tun dates (360 day cycles) not solar cycle dates of 365.25days. The whole of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations celebrated each and every day of the Tzolkin and Tun calendars as sacred. We have special days designated as sacred holidays, Christmas and Easter for example. Look at how the sacredness of those days has been eroded by our civilization's consciousness being fixed on physical rather than anything non-physical. There is one supreme law in this Universe "What you pay attention to, is what you become conscious of." What we pay attention to as the very center of our civilization's consciousness is physical "STUFF." So a "good" Christmas has become a lot of "STUFF" being bought and sold and little else. What were these wonderful Maya people, who were so brilliant in math and astronomy centering their civilization consciousness on with their calendar? That has been the unanswered enigma of the Maya. Unfolding that enigma will be the subject of our series on the Mayan calendar. Dr Carl Johan Calleman and Ian Lungold have discovered and are disseminating new facts that show the Maya were keeping track of the Flow, Rate and Intent of Creation itself or the evolution of consciousness throughout Creation.

According to the Maya, each day in Creation has it's own sacred energy and purpose. This energy permeates all of our reality seen and unseen. There are 260 different combinations of 20 different Day Lord energies or "Sacred Sun Signs" (light energy sent by the Sun) and 13 different Galactic Energies or "Tones" sent as light frequencies from the Central Sun of our galaxy. The Central Sun of our galaxy is called, Hun' Nab Ku by the Maya which means the One giver of Movement and Measure. Each of the Day Lords or "Sacred Sun Signs" has a personality and each of the Galactic Energies or "Tones" have a purpose or intent. This combination gives each day a "personality" and "intent".

When you came into a body in this life, you came with one of these 260 energy combinations. Think of a board or grid with 260 different sized and shaped holes. Your particular personal energy and intent for this lifetime fit through one and only one of these holes. That was the day on the Mayan calendar that you were born. You resonated with Creation's vibration on that day and look, here you are. Every 260 days that energy is re-created and you will find as you follow the Mayan calendar that you do indeed resonate to creation on that day. Each person who was born as an "Ancient Maya," knew why they had come here to planet Earth. They also were taught as children how to best go about accomplishing his or her personal goals. This information was used to organize and run the entire culture of the Maya for more than 3000 years. The Maya were so wise that they actually predicted the downfall of their own civilization. They knew that the flower of their civilization's knowledge would fade to later become the SEEDS of new consciousness. These predictions came from the Maya Tun calendar. Those predictions came true 500 years after they were written right on schedule with the arrival of Cortez. Imagine our current leaders speaking of any such truths. I think NOT! When you align your own activities and intentions to the energies of each day, you will be working with the flow and intent of creation and so should have an easier time accomplishing your own goals. That is a direct and personal benefit of the Mayan calendar for us all today. This is why the Mayan astrological column with definitions is being presented each week in this paper. There are much bigger reasons to understand the workings of the Mayan calendar. There are scheduled impulses on the part of Creation that are effecting global events today and during the next 9 ½ years until the Mayan calendar ends near 2012.

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