Mayan Majix - The 3rd Night News

6th Issue

May 1, 2004

This is the Third "Night" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle; the "Midnight" of this cycle will occur on June 6, 2004.

In this sixth issue, I’m going to explain what we are about to experience as Consciousness shifts over the next few months.

During each Third "Day" of previous consciousness cycles, certain truths about consciousness and survival begin to take shape. During the Third Nights, these truths evolve—and are applied.

Below is some research I did into which truths came forward in consciousness during Third Days and Nights. You can decide for yourself, but it looks to me like profoundly basic truths come out during these Third Days, and those truths are, sure enough, applied or acted upon during the Third Nights.

During the first Third Day in the Cellular Cycle (10 billion years ago), the first clouds of matter were gathering; eventually, they would become galaxies.

During the second Third Day of the Mammalian Cycle (500 million years ago), the Cambrian explosion occurred, and the truth about calcium as a survival tool emerged. This is when soft-tissue organisms began developing shells of calcium around themselves as a survival tactic.

During the third Third Day of the Family Cycle (15 ½ million years ago), a new development in the evolution of man occurred. Pliopithecus, a tail-less ape, walked the earth on hind legs.

During the fourth Third Day in the Tribal Cycle (1,200,000 years ago), Homo Erectus, the first man of our genus, appeared.

During the fifth Third Day in the Cultural Cycle (69,200 – 61,300 B.C.), the first tools, scrapers made of bone and stone were used.

During the sixth Third Day in the National Cycle (1538 –1144 B.C.), Egyptian obelisks, the first clocks, were erected. Through trade and sea travel, the Egyptian and Phoenician cultures expanded in influence. The Iron Age began. Beer was invented in Egypt. And it was declared by Amenhotep that Aton was the “One God”—the first time in recorded history that god had been conceived of as a single entity.

At the very end of the sixth Third Day in the National cycle, Moses received the Ten Commandments. During the seventh Third Day (1834 – 1854) in the Planetary Cycle, the abolitionist and women's suffrage movements swept through consciousness among industrialized nations.

During the eighth Third Day (Dec. 14, 2002 – Dec. 9, 2003), you have witnessed an almost overwhelming amount of truth concerning your personal survival level. Which is basically that you are all slaves of corrupt corporations, including the corporation called the United States of America formed in 1873.

During each and every Third Night, Consciousness applies the new truths received during each Third Day. This applied consciousness is another step in the evolution of Consciousness in general.

During the first Third Night (8.5 billion years ago), our own galaxy, the Milky Way, was forming. (Now there’s a worthwhile application if I ever saw one!)

During the second Third Night (460 million years ago), if you didn't have a shell, you got eaten. So just about every body tried one on. (Application again.)

During the Third Night of the Family Cycle (12 million years ago), Oreopithecus, a more upright ape, roamed Africa, Europe, India and China.

During the fourth Third Night of the Tribal Cycle (1,020,000 years ago) Homo Sapiens, our most direct ancestor, appeared.

During the fifth Third Night of the Cultural Cycle (61,300 – 53,400 B.C.) tools for scraping, chopping, cutting and crushing were fashioned by chipping rocks and grinding bones.

During the sixth Third Night of the National Cycle (1144 – 749 B.C.), Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and out of slavery. Troy was destroyed by the Greeks. And between 1090 – 945 B.C., civil war raged in Egypt.

During the seventh Third Night of the Planetary Cycle (1854 — 1873), civil war racked the world. The Apache declared war on the U.S government. The Spanish, French, East Indian, Russian and Japanese peoples were embroiled in civil war. The U.S. Civil War raged between 1861 and 1865. The potato famine in Ireland killed a million people; many of those who survived emigrated to the United States.

In every case, those with more sophisticated technologies won out over those whose cultures were based on agriculture or sovereign natural law. (Raw Power Applied)

This is the purpose of the Third Night—to jettison systems that are antiquated and need to be upgraded or cast aside. That is why monarchies fell, the Indians were sent to reservations; this is why the Shoguns and Samurai of Japan were defeated, and why the North won the Civil War—industrial power. The North had more commercial clout than the agriculturally based economy in the South could manifest. In fact, if you check the history books, you'll find that the tariffs demanded by the North on goods shipped from the Southern states to their French trading partners were the real reason for the war. Not slavery. The slavery issue was put forward to garner public support for the North’s invasion of the South. Consciousness works in wondrous ways, doesn’t it?

During this, the eighth Third Night of the Galactic Cycle (12/10/03 — 12/3/04), we are going to see another jettisoning of systems that are unworkable in light of the new consciousness. Being as this Galactic Cycle's consciousness (1/05/99 – 10/28/2011) is bringing in Ethics as its focus, any system not based on Ethics and Integrity will be jettisoned, along with those who are in any way "dependent" on those systems. That includes some fifty percent plus of Americans who are supported by the federal government or defense contractors. This is no joke—or fluke. Study your history—this will become very much clearer. The Third Night never fools around. Things Change! In the past, though, those changes happened over longer periods of time. During the time of Moses, the Third Night was 397 years. During the time of the American Civil War, the Third Night lasted for 19.7 years. This Third Night will last for just 360 Georgian calendar days. Same amount of no fooling around about change—just twenty times quicker change than ever before.

Here are some of the ideas and things that are going to become extinct:

1. The idea that any governmental or administrative body can bestow or take away any rights of a living breathing person.

2. The idea that any person owes anything to anyone anywhere at any time. In other words, an economy based on “Pay It Forward.” The basic Idea of pay it forward is that you do a service(s) for three different people that benefits them, for free. There is not a limit of three. Before long, with each person helping three, there is an explosion of assistance everywhere and life as we know it changes.

3. The idea that your body is somehow the property of the State and can be licensed to, or not to, perform in society. For example, marriage, which is a license from the state to have sex (otherwise an “unsanctioned” or illegal act.) The fruit of this contract is new taxpayers, who are also the property of the State. (Never read the small print did you? They count on that.)

4. The idea that only powerful and rich players can generate power (electrical, oil, atomic, etc.) that you in turn must purchase at exorbitant rates to participate at a useful level in society.

5. The idea that you can keep secret, any unethical thought or deed. And that's the big one I want to talk about.

This is my own take here, so I don't expect you to swallow it as the truth. Chew on it a good long time and spit out what you don't like. Okay?

What I am seeing in the news is that if something is crooked, it is being brought to the light of day very quickly. A tidal wave of ethics is surging against the fortress of power, and that fortress is being demolished in front of our very eyes. Of course those in the battlements, the empowered, are very excited and yelling like crazy! Bush and company, for instance. Their methods of offensive defense, assaults, secrets, threats, and their reliance on public apathy are just not working very well against the onslaught of an ethical tsunami.

Now, I am not saying that Kerry and the skull-and-bones crypts on his team are any better than Bush—they are just different. But bones is still bones, and both Kerry and Bush are vile zombies who will soon be tearing each other, the people of this country and the economy into itsy bitsy pieces. They will have the help of the weather, which is just about to rage out of all predictable control, and earth changes that will alter our coastlines and mountain ranges.

This is gonna be over quick—although it will be dramatically violent.


First, because everything is speeding up. And because "What you pay attention to you become conscious of."

Just take a quick look around at which movies are the most popular, what television programming pulls in the most audiences. In our culture, this is the most direct measure of what the general public is paying attention to. From what we now know, looking through the lens of the Mayan calendar, as this acceleration continues, we can expect people to experience more and more directly whatever they are paying attention to.

So it looks like some troubling times ahead for most of these folks.

What are you paying attention to? Now, of course, bad news is going to come to you. The message of the Hopi Elders is "Keep your eyes open and your head above the waters." This means know what is going on around you but maintain a higher perspective on all that you see. It is important to watch the news. It’s probably best to track the news on the Internet to keep pace with the rapid dissemination of information in our society. Television networks are hopelessly slow and retarded—and I’m being kind.

What do I mean by what are you paying attention to?

What do you intend for your own future? Which abilities do you see developing in yourself? Are you only looking at your problems, who is doing what to you? This is literally what will make the difference in your coming experience: whether or not your awareness is focused on insurmountable problems or mounting abilities. Your choice.

Either you will be an unconscious victim who has unknowingly created his or her circumstances, or a Conscious Co-Creator who is creating his or her abundant future. There is little middle ground here, and it is shrinking very quickly. As always, what you pay attention to is your choice, no matter what circumstances are currently challenging you or what problems lie down the road. You can either move out of your “comfort zone” by choice now, or have it vaporize in front of your eyes in the very near future.

Your choice, of course.

Secondly, things are going to change fast and furiously because of the Venus transit happening on June 8, 2004. We know that in the middle of the Third Night a midnight happens on June 6, 2004. From there Consciousness will move towards the dawn of the Fourth Day—which will take place on Dec 4, 2004. What we see here is a reversal of direction on the part of Consciousness, and a major event happening right after this change. I would encourage each of you to read the articles about the Venus transit by Dr. Carl J. Calleman and Kiara Windrider on our site for the details.

In general, each Venus passage recorded in human history has been a time of great change in perspective and communications.

Recent Venus Transits

1518 (1526) The first circumnavigation of the globe, proving the world was not flat.

1631 (1639) The first national mail services were established.

1761 (1769) The first ever international scientific experiment was conducted. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the distance from the earth to the sun, and it involved the observation of the Venus transit from seventy-seven locations all over the globe. This was a crucial step in global cooperation.

1874 (1882) The World Postal Union was established, and a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable were both contributing significantly to global communication.

2004 (2012) An increasing awareness of telepathic abilities in humans.

Yes, I said that the next step in the evolution of our ability to communicate will be delivered, starting June 8 in earnest. Telepathic abilities, which many of you have noticed have been on the increase, will be unleashed.

This means real trouble for a lot of humans. Which ones?

Those who need to hold secrets. Anybody come to mind?

If we are going to get bumped towards an ethically based consciousness, this telepathic ability opening makes the most sense to me as the next step of our evolution.

Those who cannot accept these abilities will be eliminated from the journey of evolution. Those who will not or cannot allow telepathic connections will be totally eliminated by Nov 28, 2005, if not before. Most will simply go insane and kill one other after receiving threats by thought wave.

Can you imagine Bush receiving all of the thoughts directed at him?

My advice? Get off your secrets right now. Go find someone to spill your guts to and do it. Get clean! Start forgiving yourself for everything you have ever done that you are not proud of. You DO NOT NEED permission to do this! Just do it!

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

A national poll just in from Lou Dobbs tonight on CNN April 23, 2004:

Do you think Americans have a clear vision of the future?
Yes: 5%
No: 95%

If you cannot envision a future, you will not have one. Get yourselves together, people.

Ian Xel Lungold
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